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Worst list ever
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Scizor tier B WHAT? politoed tier S? this list is awkward I wouldn't rely on it too much terrakion have his flaws so is genesect metagross is really viable in OU.. this list isn't too accurate most OU pokemons have a niche to themselves so you can use them well as long as the synergy and strategy works right..
^This i have beat teams that were "Rank A" with just "Rank C" pokemon
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I'll agree with you on Scizor. He should be A tier. Poltoed is good and so is terrakion, but I think terrakion should be A. Genesect is broken as fuk and Smogon is actaully thinking about banning it. Metagross...I don't know much about him.
Care to produce another link
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Yeah, I agree with the list for the most part, but also agree with wht you're saying. This list definitely isn't perfect IMO but it's somewhere in the ballpark.
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But to add more to the topic favorites are always used i love using RU and UU pokemon in ou such as my manual rain duo of crobat and kingdra its just knowing how to utilize the pokemon in the common days metagame that list is one of the worst pieces of garbage i have ever seen yes tiers do exist however that doesn't make a pokemon worthless such as metagross is a class d -_- Metagross is perfect for todays metagame especially agiligross word to the wise dont ever trust that list