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    Default The Doctor Who Club v.4

    Hello, everyone! This is the fourth incarnation of the Doctor Who club, a place for people to discuss, speculate on and generally ramble about Doctor Who. Anything related to the show is fair game, including its sadly-no-longer-running spinoffs, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

    The previous club unfortunately got closed due to lack of activity for over a month. I realise now that it was largely my responsibility to keep it alive in downtimes, so apologies for that, and I hereby promise to do my best to stop the same thing happening to this club. Helping me with this will be our new co-owner, The Eleventh, whom some of you from the old club may know as SpeedSuicune with a name change.

    General Rules

    1. Follow the SPPf rules and the Club forum rules.
    2. Respect all other members.
    3. Respect all episodes, characters, writers, etcetera, even if you happen to dislike them. Criticism is fine; mocking and/or bashing is not.
    4. Please try to keep grammar and spelling legible. It doesn't have to be perfect, but make sure we can understand what you're saying.
    5. Keep all discussion related to Doctor Who or its spinoffs.
    6. Follow the spoiler rules below:

    Spoiler Rules

    It’s never fun when someone gets their enjoyment of an episode spoiled because they unwittingly read information they didn’t want to know beforehand, so please bear these rules in mind and follow them at all times.

    6a. Keep all discussion of events in an episode which has only just aired in the UK under spoilers until a week after the broadcast date. This gives anyone who didn't watch it live a chance to catch up.
    6b. The above rule also applies to discussion of the "Next Time" and "Coming Soon" trailers.
    6c. Make sure to spoiler all information about upcoming episodes that hasn't been seen in a trailer. Even simple things such as the monsters it will feature or setting it will have should be spoilered, as there will always be some people who don’t even want to know that kind of thing beforehand.
    6d. Make it reasonably clear outside your spoiler or in the spoiler heading what kind of information it contains – are you talking about an episode that’s just aired, or a future one? Is your information on the future episode relatively mild, or some huge plot twist that most people wouldn’t want to have spoiled? Different people will be willing to read different levels of spoilerishness, so try and make sure no-one will be getting more than they bargained for if they choose to click your spoiler.
    6e. Discussion of anything you found under a spoiler should also naturally go under a spoiler unless you’re deliberately vague and don’t mention any of the spoilerish details. Rule 6d also applies here – make sure it’s clear which spoiler you’re replying to where!
    6f. For novels and other similar things, any discussion should always go in spoilers in case someone is in the process of reading it or planning to someday. Blurbs are fine, though.

    At the end of the day, just use your common sense as to what you think people might not want to know. If in doubt, it's better to spoiler it.

    If anyone thinks I should alter these rules, such as maybe extending the spoilering period for just-aired episodes to allow for other countries that get them later, then I’m open to opinions.

        Spoiler:- How to use spoilers:

    Joining Form

    Ideally, I'd love for this club to be a place full of lengthy posts rather than shallow one-liners, in order to spark off lots of interesting, fun discussion. While I'm aware that not everyone likes to ramble as much as me, I'd still prefer for people in here to be capable of at least a vaguely fleshed-out opinion, and as such there is a joining form to make sure you can do this.

    Why do you like Doctor Who?
    Sure, we all know you like Doctor Who if you're trying to join this club, but what is it about this programme that you like so much? Try and give at least three or four lines or so of reasons and explanation; if it seems too short, I won't let you in (but feel free to try again until I do). This restriction isn’t just for the sake of it – it’s here under the assumption that someone who can’t think of much to say when trying to join a club won’t be able to think of much to say when participating in it, either. If you're a fan of the show, it shouldn't be too hard to think up lots to put here. Characters or monsters you like, and why? Episodes that were your favourite, and why? Don't be afraid to ramble a bit!
    Who's your favourite Doctor?
    This part is just here for the sake of it, because hey, it’s always interesting to know. You can expand on this, too, if you like, but it’s not a requirement for getting in.
    Desired character title?
    This is also here just for fun and is entirely optional. The idea hailed from the original club: claim a character from the Doctor Who universe, whose name you can then use to sign off posts or anything along those lines. Only one person can claim each character, and it’s first-come first-served, as that seems the fairest and most hassle-free way of doing it. Also, for the purposes of this, all separate incarnations of a Time Lord or Lady count as the same character. All that said, though, if there isn’t a character you particularly want/the one you want has already been taken/you are above all this silliness, feel free to ignore this part of the joining form.

    Example Joining Form

    Because it would be unfair for me to make everyone else fill this in without having done it myself, right?

    Why do you like Doctor Who?
    It’s the only show I know of whose central concept allows it to tell stories about absolutely anything. It really sets the imagination alight and immerses me in this wonderful universe where so much is possible. It can be funny, clever, touching and scary, often all at once. Then there's the fact that it gives us the Doctor, who is easily my favourite character in anything ever. For one thing, he’s incredibly entertaining to watch on the surface, what with the excitement and glee he usually takes in seeing the universe and facing its dangers, and the way he frequently does amazing, impossible things and is generally awesome. But then also, beneath that, he’s such a complex and messed up person, with many different layers and sides to his character which are often touched upon or outright explored in episodes, such that I really enjoy overanalysing him. (You’ll probably come to notice that about me if you stay in this club for more than half a page.)
    Who’s your favourite Doctor?
    All of them! By which I mean that each of them is amazing in their own different ways (allowing for the fact that I haven’t seen much of the classic series Doctors – but I’m sure I’d feel the same about them if/when I were to see more of them). I’d hate to have to officially declare that I like one of them more, because that would mean deciding that I like the other ones less. At any one time, however, I do tend to lean towards whichever one is currently filling my head the most, which means that right now it would be the Eleventh Doctor.
    Desired character title?
    Amelia Pond. Which is to say that I’m claiming Amy, and I don’t mean to imply I like grown-up Amy any less than young Amelia, but for some reason I want it to go on the list as “Amelia” rather than “Amy”. I think it's because I really like that idealistic, childlike side of Amy that she never quite completely lost, even if she tried to hide it.

    (I’m probably going to regret this as it could cause confusion, but I guess this means that there’s a new thing with character claims in this club. In the old club I insisted on putting everyone down as whatever I considered the “standard” name for the character they chose, but now I’m willing to be a little more flexible, if you'd like, provided it is still a name or title that the character actually has in-universe. Want to be “The Last Centurion” or even just “Rory Pond”, instead of “Rory Williams”, for example? Be my guest, but still only as long as nobody else has already claimed Rory.)

    Member List
    elyvorg [Amelia Pond] – Owner
    The Eleventh [Rory Williams] – Co-owner
    KingMinun [Martha Jones]
    Pansy :] [Donna Noble]
    Krazy95 [K-9]
    VampirateMace [Sally Sparrow]
    Becoming [Clara Oswald]
    The Joker. [The Dream Lord]
    Will-powered Spriter
    Crasher [Wilfred Mott]
    Thecatteam [Toshiko Sato]
    LokiTheGengar [Dalek Supreme]
    fango pango [Weeping Angel]
    Night_Walker [The Master]
    fitzy909 [Cyber-Leader]
    THEIRONDONUT [John Smith]
    MasterGohan [Mickey the Idiot]
    Megaton666 [The War-Chief]
    The Lone Renegade [Davros]
    ninjanerd [Captain Jack]
    EVs and IVsaurs [Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All]
    Ponymon [The TARDIS]
    C.y.a.n [Mr. Clever]
    Green Blockhead [The Cyber King]
    MooseSmuggler [Commander Strax]
    cwertle [Bad Wolf]
    Qmaz246 [Craig Owens]
    Minedreigon [River Song]
    TheWaywardDelibird [The Face of Boe]
    10th Doctor
    Shrimp_8 [Vashta Nerada]

    Hoping that this new club will be just as fun if not more so than the old one,

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