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Thread: Favorite Gen 3 Pokemon

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    Default Favorite Gen 3 Pokemon

    Generation 3 introduced several great Pokemon to the franchise: Which were your favorites? Please try and explain your thoughts thoroughly, not just "I like ____".

    My personal favorites were Wailmer, Wailord and Kyogre since I love whales, Latios and Latias since they were jet and dragon hybrids, Kecleon because it was the first Gen 3 Pokemon that I saw, Blaziken because it was my first Sapphire version Lv. 100 Pokemon, and Jirachi simply because it's so cute.

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    The Regis because they sound cool like dubsteb and deoxys the movie was one of the best.
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    From the Pokemon introduced in third generation, there are many that I like. I can't pick a single favorite. Instead, I'll list the 8 I like the most.

    Slaking. Awesome design and great stats... but plauged with a terrible ability. Doesn't matter though, because it is still awesome. It helped me a lot in the Battle Frontier, destroying nearly all opposition, it was also on my team when I got at least 2 of my Gold Symbols.

    Mawile. Another great design. Used it while playing through Sapphire and loved it. Then I didn't use it again until recently in Y where I learned to appericiate it even more, its new Fairy-typing and Mega Evolution being the main reasons for that.

    Manectric. One of my favorite Electric-types. I have used it many times and it has always been awesome. Its movepool might have been lacking a little in the generation it was introduced in, but it gradually got better even if might not be the best. But that doesn't matter, I like it anyway. And in 6th generation, it got an awesome Mega Evolution as well.

    Skitty. I like cats. Especially if they are cute. And Skitty is one of the cutest Pokemon ever, it has been an instant favorite of mine ever since I first saw it. I haven't really used it that much, though.

    Claydol. Has a cool design, unique type combination, and is overall just awesome. Didn't start liking it until around 5th generation though, not sure why but it doesn't matter.

    Cradily. I have a weird relation to this as I kind of love it and not at the same time. I have had some painful battles against it in various battle facilities in different generations, but have only had moderate success with it myself. Yet it has a great design and unique typing and I have started to like it more lately, so it is now one of my favorites.

    Walrein. Another one I like. I kind of have a similar relation to this as to Cradily because it has been terrifying to face in battle facilitites, but I don't really feel the same way about Walrein for some reason. Have used it on some teams and it was fun, plus I like its design and walruses in general.

    Latias. My favorite legendary from this generation, and one of my all-time favorites. Used to be my absolute favorite from all generations, but I can't bring myself to pick just have one favorite Pokemon anymore so now it's just one of many. I love it because I find it super-cute, it has a great design and has been useful in battle too. Have used it many times with great success for most of them.
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    Mine is Makuhita. I find it's face just priceless and it's overall design great. The little smile makes it even better. n_n

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    My favorite is Salamence Favorite dragon and I'm really glad it got a Mega. I've always had one on my team, for whichever reason.

    I remember when I got Ruby, I didn't have unlimited internet access so getting a Salamence like Drake was kind of a dream that time xD

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    Blaziken: Torchic was my very starter, and Blaziken just has a cool air about it.

    Milotic: A majestic water type. I used to not really like Milotic, but it's grown on me.

    Altaria: A big fluffy dragon. Altaria has always been my fave dragon type despite its not-so good stats for being a dragon.

    Skitty: I've liked it since i first saw it. It's seriously too cute for me. although i don't like its evolution.

    Absol: My fave dark type! Mysterious yet cool looking~

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    Since it is my favorite generation,I like a lot of Hoenn Pokemon.
    Salamence-I like its design actually being menacing.It is my favorite pseudo-legendary Pokemon with a vast movepool.Its Mega-Evolution is disappointing at best,though.
    Manectric-I like its design and the ability to learn Fire-type moves,but Mega-Manectric is downright ugly.
    Absol-it looks awesome and has a decent movepool.
    Milotic-it looks pretty and is tough to take down thanks to Recover.
    Swampert-my favorite Hoenn starter Pokemon,it is bulky and has a good type combination.
    Zangoose-it has a cool design and wide movepool.
    Latias-it looks adorable and is very versatile,although I didn't like Mega Latias literally becoming a jet plane.
    Latios-fast and powerful,I also like the colour blue more than red.
    Groudon-a giant dinosaur,it is the first legendary that is relevant to the storyline in the core series.
    Kyogre-has an awesome design and ability.I also like its cry and it is my favorite Legendary Pokemon.

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    My #1 favourite Generation 3 Pokemon is definitely Milotic. I fell in love with it the first time I ever saw it in the games because I liked its beautiful design and I figured it must be a very strong Pokemon since it was hard for me to defeat. I was so happy when I finally got one of my own on Ruby after struggling with finding a Feebas and evolving it.

    I'm also a big fan of Gardevoir and Altaria because I like their designs too and they were great parts of my first Hoenn team.

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    I LOVE Altaria, but my fav gen 3 pokemon is Flygon. I love the design, especially on its tail and when it's shiny. There is just something about that blue and light green color scheme that I find eye captivating. I really dig it hah. Flygon also helped me immensely both in-game and competitively back when I used it on shoddy battle. Fun times. Who would have thought that little sand-trap (trapinch) would turn into such an amazing dragon .

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    To this day my favorite Gen 3 Pokemon has to be absol due to its fame for having bad luck and because way back in the day I used absol in my Uber Teams

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    I Have tons that are my favorite
    1. Rayquanza: He can take down both groudon and kyogre and hes really fast
    2. Skeptile: He was my first emrald pokemon and I always thought leafblade was awesome
    3.Blazkin: he was my first ruby pokemon and he is a pretty good chicken lol
    4.Swampert : was my first female starter pokemon
    5.Swellow : fast and strong and reminds me of pidgeot

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