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Thread: How do you Play the Older Generations?

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    Default How do you Play the Older Generations?

    As in, which video game system(s) do you use to play them?

    So yeah, just post about the systems you play Gens 1-4 on (or used to play them on).
    Note: Do not talk about playing on emulators, your phone, or any system that Pokemon games are not officially released for, etc.!

    For me:
    Gens I & II: Nowadays, whenever I play them I use my GBA SP
    Gen III: Either use my SP or my DS phat. Which one I use depends on which system happens to be close by or fully recharged.
    I used to play the first three gens on my regular GBA in the past. But I rarely use it anymore because the screen is too dark, you can't recharge it, and the buttons on mine are pretty stiff now.

    Gen IV: Most of the time, I play this gen on my 3DS XL. I still play it on my DS phat sometimes if I need to trade or use the Pal Park.
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    I play my Gen 1 and 2 games on my GBA SP, mostly because I can just recharge it whenever I want instead of wasting batteries on my old GBA. I play my Gen 3 and 4 games on either my original DS or DS Lite, occasionally my Gen 4 games on my 3DS as well.

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    Gen 1: For the only instance I played Blue (the game actually belonged to my cousin first), I used my Gameboy Color (which I still have!).

    Gen 2: Used to play this on my Gameboy Color, but my Crystal cartridge is pretty much dead and I have no idea what my sister did with my Gold cartridge. =/

    Gen 3: I have Emerald and LeafGreen, so I play those using my DS Lite.

    Gen 4: Used to play this a lot using my DS Lite up until I got a 3DS (I now play them using that). I only occasionally use the DS Lite if I'm trading or transferring Pokemon to a Gen 5 game.
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    I don't play Gen 1 & 2 anymore but when I did, I usually used my GBA and GBA SP rather than my GBC as I preferred to play them on the newer systems. Especially the SP since it had the lit screen which made it possible to play without being close to an external light source. Though I did of course use my GBC for them before getting my GBA.

    In the past, I usually played Gen 3 on my GBA and GBA SP, primarily the SP for the same reason as I used it for the games from Gen 1 & 2. Nowadays though, I usually use my 2 DS Lite to play those games as the battery of my GBA SP has had its power drastically lowered throughout the years I have used it, and I don't want it to be done for good as long as I still need it. I do occasionally use my GBA and GBA SP for this generation when I need to connect two games for trading or mixing records, but most of the time I use my DS instead.

    For Gen 4, I just use my 2 DS Lite. Have used them since the very beginning of this generation and that's not going to change. I don't use either of my 3DS for this for various reasons, the main one being that I use these two for playing other games most of the time.

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