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Thread: Dædric Design ✠

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skamory7 View Post
    SM, I would like an alternate userbar.

    Length (mid/long): long
    Style (rainbow/fade/blur/frag/candlelight): fade please
    Pokemon/trainers (up to 6):
    Animated (2 max): Yes please.
    Text: Assassin's Alliance Evil Overlord
    Notes: may I have another one with Jirachi that says Assassin's Alliance Leader Skamory7? Thanks!
    Accepted, that's no problem since you're a VIP
    Quote Originally Posted by MuseHarmonia View Post
    HTML Code:
    SM, I would like an animated banner.

    Animated .gif image (insert link):
    Additional images:
    Text: "You and me, Rendezvous?"
    Dimensions: 500 × 281
    Notes: I hope this is okay, last time I wanted something from the shop, slots were filled.
    Good luck, hope this works, and take your time, no rush!
    Quote Originally Posted by OnceDone View Post
    SM, I would like a simple banner.

    Pokemon/characters (up to 3): Slowking, Mewtwo, Alakazam
    Text: Endless Knowledge
    Dimensions: 500x200
    Notes: Just do your thing!
    Denied, sorry buddy but the last slot just filled.

    No spots left.

    EDIT: Requests done~



    Two spots left.
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