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    Default The Flame Champion's Blazing Trade Center


    Welcome to my Trade Shop.

    My Trainer Info

    Pokémon Black: Hilbert FC: 3268 0753 9102

    Pokemon White: Hilda FC:

    Time Zone: GMT - 5


    People who do not abide by the rules will be BLACKLISTED

    • All Serebii Rules Applied
    • DO NOT TRADE ME HACKS!!! (No Pokécheck cloned Pokémon)
    • Fair Trades only. (See Trade Ratios further down)
    • Only post here. Do not VM/PM me unless I have forgotten to respond to your offer(s).
    • If you have a Trade Shop, you can ask for CMT. It’s easier for me.
    • All my Pokemon are Fully Redis and UT except for some which should have a note beside it.
    • Use proper English. No texting lingo.
    • No rudeness will be tolerated.
    • Turn off Voice Chat when trading.
    • If I traded you a hacked Pokémon accidentally, let me know and we can either do a trade back or exchange.
    • I accept all RNG’ed Pokémon
    Post all offers in the following format:
    What you are interested in:
    - Pokémon A
    - Pokémon B, etc.

    What you are Offering:
    - Name
    - Current Lv.
    - Nature
    - Ability
    - Touched or Untouched
    - OT:
    - ID No:
    - IV Spread (if it is Flawless, you can just say it's Flawless)

    Trade Ratios

    1 Regular event Pokemon =1 regular event Pokémon
    1 Shiny Pokémon = 1 Shiny Pokémon
    1 Flawless/ Near Flawless Event =1 Flawless / Near Flawless Pokemon or 2 regular Events
    1 Flawless/ Near Flawless Shiny =1 Flawless/ Near Flawless Shiny or 2 regular Events

    Pending Trades
    Golden_Arcanine - S/F Cobalion for Mew
    EarthquakeCroc - S/F Rotom for S/F Heatran
    master91 - S/F Lugia, Groudon, Kyogre, and Snorunt for S/F Taillow, Yanma, Ferroseed, and Rufflet
    alesana64 - Timid S/F Palkia and Manaphy for Yanma and Taillow
    mart00 - S/F DW Bagon for S/F Charmander

    Major Wants (as of now)

        Spoiler:- Major Wants:


        Spoiler:- Wants:

    Don’t Want

        Spoiler:- DO NOT WANT:

    Event Pokemon

        Spoiler:- Japanese Events:

        Spoiler:- English Events:

        Spoiler:- Korean Events:

    Dream World Events

        Spoiler:- Japanese Dream World:

        Spoiler:- English Dream World:

        Spoiler:- Korean Dream World:

    Shiny Pokemon

    All are UT Lv. 1 unless stated otherwise

        Spoiler:- Shiny Flawless Legendary Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Shiny Flawless Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Regular Shiny Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Dream World Female Pokemon:


    White List


    I can clone, EV train, or PokéShift your Pokémon for you. The only thing I’ll ask for in return is a clone of the Pokemon you want cloned, trained or shifted.
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