There was a guy on Funimation's old forums by the name of insertnamehere but he no longer goes to the new forums due to the lag.

Anyways, this isn't the topic to discuss about other people on other forums. This topic is about battling with a team consisting of only one type (like a gym leader). Yes, I was inspired by this thread on Smogon and thought I'd bring it here (I have no creativity).

Discuss your opinions here and mention notable members. Also talk about your experiences with a mono-type team. I will be updating the main thread with notable members of each type every now and then so keep posted. As for what tiers to discuss about, I think OU would be the safest call but later I'm sure we could discuss about using a mono-type team in the other tiers.

Should I make a list of notable members (with you guys helping me of course)?