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    YES, after 5277 SRs, only 13 SRs today in my Japanese Black, this awesome thing appeared . I knew it was shiny because the same thing happened to me with my shiny Thundurus, the L/R buttons were held down by an elastic band and it was shifting between normal and SHINY! I shouted OH MY GOD, and was freaking out, now my family think I'm crazy XD.

    Normal VS Shiny comparison!
    Another angle

    Oh man, now I'm excited, I get to track down this badness, and capture it. Right now I'm too busy staring at the screen in the above picture. The difference was startling to me, so glad it was easier to spot than I thought it would .

    I just hope it'll be an easy capture .

    Yeah, caught it!

        Spoiler:- Pics under here:

    This thing took AGES to capture, breaking free of several types of Pokeballs(including Pokeballs ) before I was successful in capturing it in a Luxury Ball.

    Shiny Tornadus, Lonely nature

    It has a Lonely nature, and I'm glad it is finally in my possession ^_^.
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