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Guts now prevents burn and poison damage- Would help make stuff like Conkeldurr and Swellow a bit.
Stone Edge's accuracy is now 90%-Would see a rise in usage
Focus Blasts accuracy is now 85%-this would be nice that people would stop calling it Focus Miss.
Bulk up raises Attack, Defense, and Sp Defense- make Conkeldurr harder to take down.
Ok, Conkledurr is already one of the best Fighting types out there; negating Burn and Poison damage would make it really cheap, especially with an upgraded Bulk Up.
Stone Edge is already used most out of any Rock type attacks, which isn't saying much, but it's extremely common anyway.
I agree with Focus Blast, though. I hate the constant missing.
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Shedinja with Sturdy would be nice as long as Multi strike moves are out as well as hazards and status, still sucks though.
Lol, Sturdy leaves the pokemon at 1 health. Giving it sturdy is idiotic, since it can't have it's HP go above 1 health no matter what. It would be a waste.

Camerupt needs base 110 Speed. Then it would wreck; it's typing is phenominal offensively, but the worst in the game defensively. I have no idea what Gamefreak was thinking when they made him, but he needs waaaaaay better Speed.