The acid thingy is actually for poison types to take care of steel types with ease. Here's a similar replica:

Solar Flare (Fire)
PP: 15/Power: 80/Accuracy:100/Category: Attack
The user burns the opponent by concentrating sun light on the foe.
For Grass type with steel problem

Some stuff froths cute little forecast Pokemon:
Sand Form for Castform.
Forecast: Boost by 1.5 special attack and speed.
Weather Ball: Buff it to 55 BP.
Movepool Additions:
Hydro Pump/Blizzard/Fire Blast/Flash Cannon @Lv40

My ideas are bad? I don't think you get the point of this thread. I consider people posting here about their ideas so that people can point out the flaws or underpowerness of the attack. If you're that good, send in your ideas to Nintendo then, and don't bother with this thread. I love this thread. I'm here to get meaningful critics not "your ideas are horrible" or similar words. Granted, my ideas CAN be horrible, but you're in no place to tell me that since you did not give constructive critisims to my ideas rather than a simple two lime your ideas suck. So I take meaningless insults like a sponge.

And eclipse I broken. Doesn't seem too much like a "weather" anyways. I'm looking to more innovative designs from Nintendo. And since I'm not planning to turn this into a full flame war. I won't reply even if you quote me.

Even more...

Dark Bolt (Dark)
PP: 15/Power: 80/Accuracy: 100/Category: Attack
The user summons a ominous dark bolt against the foe. Has a chance to paralyse.

Special dark type moves are lacking. Remedies that with this and paralysis as