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You know what I'd really like to change? Give us female DW Torchic.

Honestly, Combusken would actually have a decent niche on Baton Pass teams if it had access to both BP and Speed Boost at the same time. It's pretty much like Ninjask, only better in virtually every way. For one thing, it's typing makes it neutral to SR instead of 4x weak. It's also surprisingly bulky with the Eviolite. A Combusken with max HP has about the equivalent defenses of an uninvested Pokemon with 92/99/99 defenses, which makes it a little bulkier than offensive Dragonite overall (not including Multiscale, of course). Sure beats the heck out of Ninjask's 61/45/50 bulk (yes, Combusken is actually bulkier than Ninjask even without the Eviolite, lol). Combusken also has a huge advantage in its ability to still remain an offensive threat. Even though its offenses are both a little lower than Ninjask's Atk stat, it has two STABs that are arguably much better than either of Ninjask's, and each STAB has moves like Fire Blast and Focus Blast that are much more powerful than X-Scissor. This allows Combusken to force quite a few switches on Pokemon like Ferrothorn (standard is OHKOd by 0 SpA Fire Blast about 88% of the time without SR), Scizor, and Forretress while getting up a Sub at the same time. Once it reaches three boosts (not hard at all if you get a Sub on a switch and use Protect), outspeeding it is almost unthinkable. Honestly, the only thing Ninjask would have over it is more initial speed, which isn't always going to be important when you can spam Sub and Protect and get your speed to ridiculous levels anyways.
Sounds awesome, it would work exceptionally well with Baton Passing to Regigigas in the lower tiers. That aside, wonder if Blaziken getting Baton Pass and Speed Boost would affect the Ubers metagame that much.

On topic of Dream World female starters, discuss.