@Wishing Star

Yeah, Imma change it to, "Copy the stats boost and changes at the time when the split is summoned. Does not copy any skill changes after the split has been summoned. If the user faints, it will faint along with the user."

My brother was talking about a normal/psychic type and then I told him that there is such a pokemon called Girafarign. He actually forgot about it, so I guess Imma go through Girafarign's improvement to make it more "noticable"

    Spoiler:- Girafring (Did I spell it right O_o:


Hit-and-run practically is a automatic Eject Button, except it gets prioritised, I think it should be changed to return after turn ends. Like say:

Turn 0: Archeops is sent out, Emboar is sent out
Turn 1: Archeops uses Rock Slide, Emboar flinches, Archeops switches out due to "Hit and Run"

Also, what if it uses a setup move, like Swords Dance? Does it switch out, too?

Quick Strike seems to me like an inferior U-Turn/Volt Switch with priority, but I actually like it since it might actually cause a rise in ghost types to block Quick Strike.

Cautious, is fine. Me likez due to ignore entry hazardz