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Sure. Razor Wind is a pretty bad move to begin with, and it wouldn't hurt giving it a boost at all.
Sometimes I wonder what possessed them to make Razor Wind, it's so bad it can't even be useful in regular play.

New Move: Dualize

Type: / Power: -- / Accuracy: --% / PP: 10 / Target: Self and all adjacent allies or foes / Category: / Priority: 0
"The selected target can attack again in the same turn, however the user and the target will be unable to move in the following turn"

-Okay this one might seem a bit confusing so i'll be sure to leave an example. Since the turn ends after the Pokemon who moves second uses a move or is unable to move due to some type of affliction. With Dualize the pokemon selected will move again after the second pokemon has moved but on the following turn the targeted Pokemon and the user of the move will be unable to move or be switched out. This is to insure the user does not abuse the move and force the foe to stay in and they can switch into another Pokemon. Few things to note: even if the selected target moves second they can still use the move again, It can be blocked by Protect and Detect, it can be reflected by Magic Coat.

Turn 1: Dodrio used Dualize and selected itself as the target, Swalot used Sludge, Dordrio used Drill Peck, Turn End.
Turn 2: Dodrio cannot move due to the effect of Dualize, Swalot used Stockpile, Turn End.

Distribution: Dodrio line, Magnzone line, Ambipom Line, Exeggutor Line, Klingklang line, Electivire Line, Ferrothorn Line, Hydreigon Line, Most Pokemon in the Fairy Egg Group, Most Fighting Types.