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Unfortunately, this move doesn't work, either. There are two reasons for this. The first is that in the example you stated, since the trigger for Dodrio being able to use Drill Peck was the turn ending, by the time Dodrio attempts to use Drill Peck, the turn would have already ended. The second is that there is no guarantee for Dualize to work on the target; if the move fails, then there is no opportunity for the player to enter a move in between the turn.

While the second case can be changed by making the user be able to enter a move, unlike with Baton Pass and Explosion, where sending out a Pokémon is the last thing in the resolution of the move, it isn't with Dualize, since the effect of Dualize doesn't actually end until the second move is used.

The bad thing is that the following scenario doesn't work, either:
Turn 1: Dodrio used Dualize on itself. Swalot used Sludge. (Turn Ends.)
Turn 2: Dodrio used Drill Peck. Dodrio used Agility. Swalot used whatever. (Turn Ends.)

This is because the prompt for the turn to begin (or the prompt to wait for the other person to finish making choices) triggers after selecting something that ends the user input time frame. In other words, there is no opportunity for the second move to be chosen.
Darn, I really thought this was my best one yet too :/

What if the move it chooses for the second move is random? That way you don't have to select another attack.

New Item: Harness Unit
"A harness worn for adventuring. Prevents the holding Pokémon from landing critical hits, but boosts the power of its moves."
- Prevents the holder from landing critical hits. In return, each of the Pokémon's moves has its power increased by 20%.
Cool. You should make an ability variant of this cause I can see this being an ability as well.

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What would happen if Dodrio uses Dualize and then Sky Attack or Fly?
It would work the same way it always did. Go into the air the first turn(cause remember the second attack still counts as the same turn) then come down the second turn. Charge the first turn and attack the second etc.

If you also want to know what happens in a double or triple battle if a pokemon was charging and another pokemon used Dualize on it, the charging Pokemon would unleash it's attack in that same turn and that will count as it's second move.

Edit: scratch that first part that makes no sense, I think it would make more sense that they are unable to move the second turn regardless of using fly or sky attack, sorta like slaking using a two turn attack with truant.