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Sacrifice - I don't think the game can track whether or not a move has already been used on switch-in. Otherwise, though, it's a very powerful move, possibly too powerful, given that all three of these have pretty high HP. It's pretty much a guaranteed 800 or more damage at full health or something like that.

Revival - Revives aren't usable in normal competitive play for a reason. The same thing with the game not being able to track whether or not a move has already been used on a switch-in also applies here. It's too good simply for the facts that there is no drawback (other than the untrackable thing) to the move, as well as the move giving you a +1 Pokémon advantage, which is very powerful.

Weather Burst - What's the accuracy of this move? Seems pretty good otherwise.

Necromancy - Revival is already too good, design-wise. Getting a half-revived Pokémon with the use of just one move is already insanely good, but making them get all their HP back is much too good.

Soul Unburden - I'm not a huge fan of mechanics that revolve around the number of Pokémon on a team. If this were, say, a 3v3, it wouldn't be nearly as viable. In my opinion, a battle mechanic should be pretty much equally viable no matter how many Pokémon a trainer brings with him or her to battle.

Miniature Cloud - Normally, I'd say this item is too good. However, since it's only given to Castform, I'd say it's alright. Plus, it prevents Leftovers from being held.
Let me see

For Sacrifice, the game could use what it does with reversal. Also, Think of it like Fake Out. THe game tracks whe nFake Out is used first, and after subsequent uses, it doesn't flinvh anymore. Think of it like that, but it actually limits the use of the move. I was actually not going to have that effect, and basically have it as a survivable explosion, but that would also make it pretty broken. I also made it normal-typed, so it can easily be blocked by Ghosts or Max HP Registeel.

Hmm, for Revival... How about it only having one PP? I know the minimum is five, but we never know what GF will do next. Or change it around a bit so that it isn't as broken as it seems.

Necromancy- How about this? It boosts the power of Dark and Ghost type moves by 50% when under 50% Health?

Weather Burst- I have to say 85% Accuracy. 100 would make it to broken.

Soul Unburden- How about it changes so It's like Moxie, but only with Speed instead of attack?

Miniture Cloud- I was thinking the same thing on that. As Castform has base 70's across the board, a free Quiver Dance isn't nearly as borken as the Soul Dew. From my experiance in Balanced Hackmons, a +2 Speed Boost Chandelure didn't outspeed a Quiver Dance'd Timid Latios, so it's not necessarly broken in the sense of if someone like Lilligant or Jolteon got an item like this.

I'm also currently typing up a new type of weather, Night.