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So, tell me if you think this is overpowered.

Name: Static Field
Type: Electric
Category: Other / Entry hazard
PP: Same as Stealth Rock.
Effect: Upon switching in, opponents Pokemon take a 10 base power special Electric attack. This is calculated using the Static Field user's Sp. Atk stat. This move fails if Stealth Rock is already on the field and Stealth Rock fails if Static Field is on the field.
See ya Gyarados. We had fun together for 15 long years. :V

Jokes aside, I don't think that this is broken. A Modest max Special Attack pokemon with base 120 Special Attack does up to 32.8% to 4 HP/0 SpD Neutral-natured Gyarados with this move, with STAB factored in (which is still a large amount for a sweeper). I doubt it would work, though.

New mascot legendary (Ubers):

Foxer, the Biomechanical Pokemon.

Pokedex entry: #148 Orion Dex (#797 National Dex).

Flavour text: "Created by Team Kupiter (Orion's evil organization) with the intent of evil, it is a emotionless monster that shows no respect to anything but itself and its master. It is second to only Mewtwo for such lack of empathy."

Appearance: Foxer looks like a huge firey biomechanical fox; its limbs are about 90% metal while its back is plated with metal and circuit conductors. The top of its head is also plated with metal, with slim conductors running to the corners of its eyes and metal fangs that protrude from both of its jaws to give it a fearsom look. Its shoulders have a large cannon built into them each, intended for firing molten lava or bombs. The tail and underside are free of visible iron plating. Foxer has two forms, Quadriped and Biped, which it can change at will (in the field, with a certain key item). Foxer is digitargade in Quadriped form to accommodate for its fast speed and plantargade in Biped form to gain a steady, stable view on targets.

Evolution chain: Foxer.

Type: Fire/ Steel.

Intimidate/ Moxie (Hidden).

Base Stats:
Quadriped Form (Foxer-Q):
HP: 90.
Attack: 95.
Defence: 73.
Special Attack: 95.
Special Defence: 72.
Speed: 255.
BST: 680.

Biped form (Foxer-B):
HP: 90.
Attack: 170.
Defence: 85.
Special Attack: 170.
Special Defence: 85.
Speed: 80.

Some notable moves:
Fire Blast, Flare Blitz, Flare Smash**, Sucker Punch, Earthquake, Wild Charge, Superpower**,
Flash Cannon, Explosion.
** detnotes Move Tutor move.

Comments: Yes, I know that this is a broken legendary that is never going to see the light of OU, but that was what I was aiming for as a legendary mascot. It would be managable in Ubers, thanks to things like Kyogre, Heatran and Giratina running around the tier. Fun fact: it was originally made as a fanmade Mega Man boss.