Right lol, I'm changing Scatter Shot's side effect to sharply lowers speed and prevents the user from switching out.

Moar stuff

Nocturnal (Psychic)
PP: 5/Power: --/Accuracy: --/Category: Status/Target: User's team
Casts a thin veil to prevent sleep permanently.
- It's an anti-sleep for the entire battle. Cya breloom.'
- Distribution: Munna, Musharna, non-birds with Insomnia or Hyper... whatever.

Magic Crash (Fighting)
PP: 5/Power: --/Accuracy: 100/Category: Status/Target: Foe
The user cancels out the foe's magical boosters.
- Cancels out: Nocturnal, Reflect, Light Screen, Safeguard, Lucky Chant. Come back Breloom!
- Distribution: Gallade, Medicham, Meditite, some fighting mons, some psychic mons, and the four muskeeteers.

Soften Bento
Takes 50% less damage from the first hit. Consumed upon being attacked.

Hero Bento
Allows the user to ignore ability while attacking. Consumed upon attacking.