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I'm just saying. Volt turn teams now don't need to spin, just volt or turn into this guy. And he can flare blitz you, or whatever. I really don't know why the hell it gets dragon rush, makes no goddamn sense, but dragon rush you, quake you, whatever. Removal of hazards without losing any momentum at all is scary.
@Bolded part: IIRC none of the dragon-typed moves, barring Roar of Time, Spacial Rend and Draco Meteor, explicitly refer to anything 'dragon' or mythical in their flavour text. They are simply given the Dragon Type and name because their primary distribution is to dragons. Most of the time, words like "menacing" or "ferocious" are used in the favour text instead, implying more of a lack of control and higher power more than does it imply 'dragon'. Shepmite, while lacking body size and bulk compared to other DR users, has pretty high speed to increase the force of the blow with and therefore this particular 'event' sheppy is capable of using it. Btw, Dragon Rush's flavour text is "The user launches a tackle at the target with an overwhelming menace. It may cause the foe to flinch."

@Rest of post: While Disarm would have an impact on the metagame, I doubt it will have as much of an impact than what you think. Removing entry hazards on your side of the field without losing your momentum is a great boon for many teams to have because it breaks down the opposing team's momentum, perhaps even stopping a sweep, and this makes it readily available to many teams as an alternative way to remove entry hazards reliably. The main purpose of having entry hazards is to gain momentum, and should not be relied on to inflict damage.