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Why does the wolf have a high special attack, and the cat physical attack?
You seem to be forgetting that, IRL, feral cats can grow to ridiculous sizes and can be quite bulky, leading to high physical 'stats'. But it may be a Puma that has been tamed early on in civilization. Also, not every dog/ wolf has to be physically-orientated. If that was the case, then the pretty much all mammal-(and especially Canid-)based pokemon would have to be physically oriented (Yes, this includes stuff like Ninetales and any Eevee evolution in existence). Tl;dr - It is not really fair to judge what pokemon should be based on stereotypes 100% of the time.
It is also very possible that the 'cat' may be actually be a dog and he gave it a cat-related name by mistake, as OL referred to it as a dog several times in the description.

Vicious seems...... Well....... Bad. Notice all Pokemon who receive justified resist dark, while your ability assumes you can survive a se attack, which, most of the time, you can't.
I don't think that it is fair to go around calling an ability 'bad' when the only thing bad about it is the distribution. It in in my personal opinion that abilities should be judged based on their effect and not by the pokemon that get them.
However; it is true that Justified doesn't nullify damage, which OL seems to have neglected. I, personally, would have Justified and Vicious provide immunities to Dark and Fighting respectively on top of their original effects to keep them in line with abilities like Storm Drain and Lightningrod.