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Well, I'm planning to introduce more Volt-Turn class moves as well as more moves that have added effects to switching out, like a move that switches the user out and gives +1 Defense and Special Defense to whoever comes in. I already gave VoltTurn a boost when I introduced Shepmite, so why not add something that works against it.
Sure thing. Just keep in mind, though, that the more U-Turn and Volt Switch-style moves there are, the more the metagame is going to skew toward using Clutch, increasing the usage of many of the Pokémon that have access to it immensely.

True, but none of the No Guard users get access to this and I don't think that any get Assist either, adverting the problem.
While what you say is true, if a mechanic is mediocre alone but synergizes extremely well with another combo, then it's pretty likely that it's too powerful.

Shepmite@Wide Lens
Mild Nature
Trait: Disarmer
EVs: 64 Atk/ 192 SpA/ 252 Spe.
-Hone Claws
-Dragon Rush/ Close Combat. (Note: Dragon Rush and Close Combat are illegal alongside each other because DR is supposed to be an event move and CC is an egg move)
-Earthquake/ Bolt Cutter.

Pretty much, the aim of this set is to set up on... say Ferrothorn and begin spreading burns while doing considerable damage at the same time thanks to Hone Claws' Attack boost. All of the main dragons except Multiscale Dragonite and Garchomp are OHKOed by a +1 Dragon Rush, which Inferno puts them into KO range of as well as halving their attack while a +1 Close Combat does serious to Mammoswine, Blissey and Air Balloon Heatran. Earthquake is it's main answer to opposing Fire and Electric types, especially opposing Shepmite and Magnezone while it can opt for Bolt Cutter (updated to 100 Power, 80 Accuracy and 5/8 PP) to dent the bulky waters of the tier at +1. With a Wide Lens, Inferno's accuracy climbs to 73 at +1 and 91 at +2, meaning it is likely to cause multiple burns while also dealing decent STAB damage.
This set requires a lot of team support, as numerous threats can easily swat it down even when it is set up. Terrakion and Keldeo can revenge it, but they have trouble switching in on a boosted Earthquake/Close Combat and Bolt Cutter respectively. Dugtrio is guaranteed to OHKO it with a STAB Earthquake if it comes in to revenge it thanks to Arena Trap, but it can't switch into a boosted hit at all because anything but Wild Charge at +1 OHKOs it. Breloom, Scizor and Conkledurr all OHKO with Mach Punch, but Breloom and Scizor gets fried if they switch in on Inferno (Conkledurr only becomes stronger when it gets burned, thanks to Guts). Gliscor counters it full stop, as Shepmite can't burn it because it carries a Toxic Orb and Protect to ensure that it activates while Gliscor OHKOs with a STAB Eathquake. Hazards support, provided by Skarmory, is a must because it misses out on important KOs without it. Skarmory can also soften many of it's checks with Whirlwind. Choice Scarf Cinccino, when used in conjunction with Skarmory, can easily take many of it's checks down with a skill-linked Bullet Seed or Rock Blast; KOing Terrakion, Keldeo, Dugtrio and severely denting Thundurus-T and Tornadus-I with Rock Blast after hazards damage. Volcarona threatens the priority users who cause Shepmite trouble out and can easily switch in after Shepmite has cleared the hazards and attempt to set up.
I really like the mixed attacker setup that you made here and how you were able to integrate both special and physical moves with Hone Claws.

I agree with many of the points made. I can imagine that if you're a Shepmite user, your prediction skills better be pretty spectacular, because if you don't nab Gliscor with an Inferno before its Toxic Orb triggers, you're probably in a heap of trouble. And that's if the opponent decides to switch out in the middle of a turn.

This build's reliance on other Pokémon to support it does downgrade it slightly, though.