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Can I go against the grain for a moment?

For having as much screentime as they get I think the mascots / Walking Pokemon are treated pretty poorly. I'm talking about Pikachu, Psyduck, Croagunk, Piplup, Axew, Pansage, and the like. A lot of them have huge potential, but because of alterior motives they can't go as far as other Pokemon. For other Pokemon that can be redeemed, but for them it seems unlikely that they'll ever get the development they deserve.
You're not wrong, An00bis. I mean, Croagunk just seemed to mostly be around to "punish" Brock whenever he'd flirt with girls. Sure, he had some good battles and a few odd moments, but that's it! Piplup gets that a lot too since he's chosen to be Dawn's little baby forever, it just makes him comic relief most of the time in the long haul, like with being the victim of Gible when he was practicing Draco Meteor and such.