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    Quote Originally Posted by GirlKirbyZombie View Post
    I know that I don't really see dig a whole lot, but I have seen swagger being used before. I witnessed Liepards and Zoroa/Zoroark use it with foul play.
    Yes, even with Prankster Liepard but outside of that I never see it.

    Partners: Rain is a must anything not Drizzle. Plus it is ashame Cryoganol had to go to RU, leaving this shrimp to try to spin hazards.

    More puns:
    Prawn Stars
    Prawn Brokers
    I wished my kids would stop watching prawnography
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    Quote Originally Posted by Excitable Boy View Post
    wow, we're now pre-ordering an 18 year old game

    guess Nintendo knows how poorly GS play and needs a cheap pre-order bonus to rope people in

    gotta get the preloads in so the servers don't get hammered by all those nerds trying to download their 0.00004 GB of retro meh on relaunch day

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