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    Quote Originally Posted by SwiftGrovyle View Post
    Why are so many people saying its Nu? Even beloved smogon says it can go in the RU.

    Also, Reno, thanks for telling mister Haxorus logo guy about the relation with smogon.(if that was offensive, I apologize, because you are a smart And very helpful guy.) Took the words outta my mouth.

    On to the main event!
    Shell armor is a great ability on this guy, as many of his sets, be it rapid spin, stealth rocks, or Restalk, it can take even a flash cannon from a Evolite Magneton, if and when they carry that. Very bulky, and no worries about hax.
    Swift Swim is... What. It's like a toy Excadrill, in rain, although Kabutops is better at it. Though it's typing and capacibility to use aqua tail makes it unusual and unexpected, it can be quite useful as a banded sweeper.

    So now this guy can play two games- slowly make the foe choke, or one quick slice like a hot knife through butter. My kind of guy.
    1. It is Serebii not Reno, I didn't see Reno for a while..
    2. I also have a name... Ilan..

    Cause I used it at NU, it isn't that great there are better spinners in NU and stronger attackers too, also armaldo barely have speed some RU pokemon like aggron are by far stronger than armaldo and it have the same speed if I need to choose a RU attacker I won't pick armaldo..

    Armaldo does decent in NU that's where he can work the best but I guess I couldn't use him right so in my preference in to use natu.

    I played against swift swim + drizzle yeah.. not fun that's why I hate those sets, I don't play VGC but I am well aware those are doubles so there being the fastest ever is not that broken when you can just aim at the faster one
    So if you want a VGC set here you go: (although I don't play VGC I play some doubles from time to time)

    @life orb/leftovers
    Swift Swim
    252 attack, 252 speed, 4 def
    -Swords Dance
    -Rock Slide

    A nice and broken VGC swift swim set obviously used along with politoed in the same team, Sword dance makes armaldo's attack skyrocket to amazing levels, with swift swim he have speed too, rock slide hits both targets hard and is a really good doubles move, earthquake should be used with a levitating partner or one with protect, it hits all enemies targets aswell, protect is for partner pokemon to use moves or when you are targeted after the swords dance, X-scissors is armaldo's stronged moves although it is single target it can hit pokemons like latios really hard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Professor Oak
    Only two things are infinite, the universe and the amount of zubat in caves, and I'm not sure about the former.
    Shortcut to damage calculator

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