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    Default The Aces League (Wifi Only!)

    Alright, so I made this because besides Team Enchanted Garden, there are no good Wifi Leagues. So, I figure, "Why don't I just make one?"


    -This is a 5th gen League. Please, don't use 4th gen games.
    -All Standard rules apply. This includes banned abilities, items, moves, and Pokemon. Just in case you need to refresh your memory, here's the banned Pokemon list.

        Spoiler:- Uber Pokemon List:

    -Gym Leaders must use a 3:3 ratio of their chosen type and any other types. Elite 4 Members can use a 2:4 ratio instead.
    -No Gym Leader or Elite 4 can use the same type as another. Yes, if there is a Dragon Type Gym Leader, that means you can't choose Dragon if you want to be an Elite 4 member.
    -You cannot challenge the Elite 4 until you get all 8 badges.
    -Other than their selected type, all Elite 4 members also can choose a secondary rule that they and all challengers must follow. Examples of this are Weather Domination, No Weather, or Uber Battle. You can NOT pick 4th gen battle as your secondary rule.
    -The Champion has no specific rules, just a standard battle between him and the challenger.
    -Absolutely no counter teaming. Please, leaders, let me know if you think someone is counter teaming.
    -Gym Leaders and Elite 4 members reserve the right to deny challenges. However, repeat denials without proper reason can result in the Leader/Elite 4 member to lose their spot.
    -No hacks, if you are found to be using a hack I will put you on the blacklist, repeat charges (3) and you will be put on the site blacklist.
    This goes for leaders also.
    -When filling out the application for Friend Code please do not put that it is in your sig, I copy/paste your application to here, and in your sig makes no sense when in an OP.
    -Have fun!

    Sign Ups:

    To sign up, fill out this form:

    Challenger/Gym Leader/Elite 4?: (Just say which you are signing up as)
    Do you have Black(2)/White(2)?:
    Chosen Type: (Only for Gym Leaders/Elite 4)
    Secondary Rule: (Only for Elite 4)
    Badge Name: (Only for Gym Leaders/Elite 4)
    Badge: (Only for Gym Leaders/Elite 4)


        Spoiler:- Accepted Challengers:

        Spoiler:- Gym Leaders:

        Spoiler:- Elite 4:

    Past Gym Leaders
        Spoiler:- Past Gym Leaders:

        Spoiler:- Blacklist:

        Spoiler:- Hall of Champions:

        Spoiler:- Current Champion:

    Let's do it lads!

    Credits: For the banner. Shade2000 from Oceans of Art.

    This league was origanally owned and operated by Billy Mays
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