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Thread: The Serebiian-Wapanese Alliance

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    Exclamation The Serebiian-Wapanese Alliance

    Those mean people are always hating on us, so this group is to defend ourselves and keep everything cool.
    The Wapanese are the people who believe in Wapan and respect the Japanese for their intellegence, culture, and media. Wapan is the equivalent of Japan where the Japs will welcome you into their society and respect you for your fandom. If you fit under this description, this is the alliance for you.
    Banned List
        Spoiler:- Banned:

    List of members
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    News and Important Info
        Spoiler:- News:

    Events and Contests
    None as of now.
    Sign-Up Form
    How Wapanese are you?:
    Other Info:

    I hope you enjoy my Wap lounge. Thanks for joining/checking out our page!
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