Ok, we all know that a lot of people here just have some.... extraneous usernames, including myself.

How did you come up with your username? Is it a reference to something? Do you now dislike or regret your username?

I guess I'll start. In paper Mario the thousand year door, one of the chapters (section of the video game, 8 in total) took place in glitzville, which was a floating city that housed the famous Glitz pit, where fighters of all shapes and sizes came to compete for the champion's belt, which guaranteed fame and great wealth.

During the chapter, you find a rogue yoshi egg that is about to be made into a hot dog, and take the egg from the chef who says that "people don't like to eat food that moves". The name given to you by the owner of the Glitz pit is "The Great Gonzales". The yoshi hatches and takes to calling you your fighter name, not realizing your true name is Mario.

So what's your story?