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Was it even for kids though? I keep hearing certain shows air on CN that are not aimed at kids but Teens and Adults like YJ. Now I don't know the exact demo CN is aiming for so can't be certain just wondering.
What, Ren and Stimpy, or Sym-Bionic Titan? I think Sym-Bionic Titan is considered a kids' show, but Ren and Stimpy, HOO BOY. Just because it was on Nickelodeon does not mean it was a kids' show. Yes, we loved every minute of it, but it's really not for kids, much like Invader Zim. There's a reason it became Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon later on.

It is kinda odd however. Lots of people in my school have like grade school kids who watch Jersey Shore or Housewives and they are only in 6-10 but my friends and I watch more of the kiddy stuff XD
And now you understand why I, like many other people here, am losing faith in this current generation.