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If you slander a zealot's lifestyle and tell him that everything he believes is evil, do not expect him to invite you to his house to talk about it peacefully.

There's even medicine for delusional thinking such as that.
That sounds like you're apologizing for the zealot. The zealot is clearly the agressor, wheras no matter how provocative someone is they're in their rights to say what they want. Hate to overuse the rape analogy, but being provocative, even stupidly so, does not mean a person is at fault in remotely the same way as the one attacking is. Honestly, I don't understand how some Muslims in the Middle East can sustain a sense of entitlement where if anyone anywhere in the world says something they don't like, they believe they have the right to call for their death.

At this point though, I really think this is a diversion to something else going on the Middle East. It's pretty obvious since the Arab Spring that outside forces are playing all these religious, political, and social groups for fools and we're not hearing the majority of what's going on.