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    Default Team Sky VS. Team Sea Soul

    Team Sky


    Team Sea Soul

    1. This will be a 5 vs 5 WiFi only OU war.
    2. First Clan to 3 wins is the victor
    3. All battles will be done under Smogon rules, EG. Evasion Clause, Sleep Clause, ECT.
    4. Each match will be best of 3. To win you must get at least 2/3 wins. This is to ensure the influence of Skill>Luck.
    5. No Flaming, Trolling, and all that other stuff you guys already know not to do.
    6. Please Save all battles onto the GTS and post the battle video code in your post confirming your victory or loss.
    7. The 7th rule is only a myth. Move along.
    8. Any Substitutions must be done before the match begins. If for some reason a player cannot finish their 3 battles to finish the match it will be counted as a loss against them.
    9. If for some reason there is an accidental disconnection between the two battlers the battle will be declared null and void and will have to be re-done. Please be honest about this and don't disconnect on purpose just because you are loosing or something along those lines.
    10. This post will be up until Wednesday of next week so please get your battles done in good time

    The Match Ups.
    Shadow_Kyogre Vs. NoteLobo
    acetrainermohammed Vs. Psilo
    AB2Vs. Mulder
    Jirachiuser1Vs. TheDarkLord2155
    ElxlceLVs. joepotatoe

    Team Sea Soul
    Mean Mr Snorlax

    Team Sky

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