I must say, this actually proved to be a really good episode. I'm satisfied.

First of all, Dragonite... I really, really didn't think I'd like it at all, but I was so wrong. Dragonite is so hilarious. Those facial expressions it made were just gold, and I loved how it pretty much remained grumpy throughout the whole episode. It obviously took somewhat of a liking to Iris, as she was seen protecting it all the way through, and although it refrained from showing any emotions towards Iris I'm positive that it really felt a strong conneciton to her, but he had to keep his ''tough guy'' mode on. :P Dragonite was really great, and I'm actually glad that he now is part of the main cast.

Then we have Iris, who I thought was simply remarkable in this episode. Iris showed right from the start that she didn't believe that a Dragon-type would cause any trouble without a reason, and see clearly wanted an answer of what was really going on. Her initiative and her courage that she displayed in this episode was inspiring, and even though she was clearly outnumbered when those Elite Trainers arrived, she still decided to step in and protect Dragonite regardless of what they were saying.
I also liked how she cautiosly tried to calm Dragonite down by truly talking to it, implying that she really wanted to be friends with it. Iris was just as good as Dragonite in this episode. Shame we didn't get to see Axew helping her out though.

Ash was also really great in this episode. Once again, he showed that he completely trusted Iris the whole way through, which was proof of some real strong friendship. Dento naturally felt unsure of Iris' actions, but in the end finally decided to come with them, even though he apparently was too big (?) for the vent? That was just a lame excuse for making him stay away, as the others seemed to have plenty of space when they were crawling.

Dawn. DawnDawnDawnDawn...
Once again, her presence felt really unnecessary and just boring. The only thing I liked was how she and Ash FINALLY interacted in one way or another, as they teamed up to defend Iris once Dragonite attacked. That's pretty much it... *Sigh* She's starting to become her DP-self again.

I thought this was a great episode overall, and I'm really, really excited for the upcoming development we can expect to see from Iris and Dragonite.

EDIT: Oh, and we also apparently got to see some scenes with the trio of Dawn, Ash and Cilan... My opinion? Boring. I realized that they are nothing without Iris.