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Thread: The Dragonball/Z/GT/Kai Club

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Leo View Post
    Haven't been able to watch much Dragonball lately. For those of you that are rewatching the series, what episode are you on?
    I'm on episode 34 right now, and plan on watching more episodes later.
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    Well right now I've been rewatching the 1st season of DBZ. I'm at the episode where Vegeta transforms into the giant ape in his fight with Goku and Goku is about to use the spirit bomb.
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    OVER does anyone get my username reference xD
    fav character, vegata--hands down. I think he's hard core. Also, Goku is hot.
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    Heh Cool.... this brings back memories, I might watch Dragon ball & Z again, it's been a few years since i did that

    It's hard to pick 1 character I'll go with Piccolo

    Fave quote: "NO! NO! NO BOOST! NO BOOST!! Are you two INSANE?" when goten and trunks are trying to Pull Buu's head xD :')

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