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    How can I tell if a pokemon is powerful for it's stats? Do it's stats affect what kind of moves to teach it? What impact does nature have on a pokemon?
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    My personal scale to measure (base) stats is like this:
    <50 points = Very poor. It is a necessity that you use items or anything else to increase it.
    50-100 points = Eh, it can range from "can get better" to "average" to "better than average."
    100-150 points = Really good stats. Many Pokemon with stats in this area are used.
    150< points = Outstanding stats. When you see Rampardos' Attack stat, Shuckles' defense stat, or Ninjask' speed stat in this area, then you know what they are meant for and that they do their job well (although they are not recommended Pokemon, as their other stats are not very good).

    Stats are what makes Legendaries so tough competively. For example, Mew has 100 stat points in each area, and Arceus has 120 stat points in each area. According to the scale, these two are very tough Pokemon to play against. Many Ubers also have great stats, making them very valuable.

    Certain natures increase the base stat of one stat (out of SA, PA, SD, PD, SPD, and HP) by 10%, while it decreases another one by 10%.

    Moves really do depend on the stats. For example, Garchomp's Physical stats are much higher than its Special stats. Say you want a Fire-type move in Garchomp's moveset. If its base stats for Special Attack is 80, while its Physical Attack is 130, would you want Fire Blast (SA move) or Fire Fang (PA move) on your Garchomp?

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