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    Default Pokémon: The Return of Team Galactic (PG)- RPG Thread

    Pokémon: The Return of Team Galactic (PG)- RPG Thread (RESTARTED)

    Other Important Threads:
    Discussion Thread

    A couple of years ago, I made this RPG on SPPf, but we never finished, so now I've decided to restart it. I've changed some things around to hopefully make it better.

    Plot: It all happened 1 year ago. Lucas, a Pokemon trainer striving to be the best in Sinnoh and his sister, Dawn, striving to be the best Sinnoh co ordinater, took down Team Galactic. This event took place at Spear Pillar when the leader of Team Galactic, Cyrus, used his 2 Red Chains to summon both Dialga, the governor of time, and Palkia, the governor of space. Looker, a member of the International Police and Cynthia, the current Sinnoh Champion, were there to help. Former commanders, Mars and Jupiter, were there to help Cyrus. Things went wrong when a black hole appeared from the ground between Cyrus and the two Pokemon, Dialga and Palkia. From the black hole, Giratina had appeared. Giratina roams around as the only Pokemon in the Distortion World. The Distortion World is a place parallel to the human and Pokemon world. Giratina pulls Cyrus into the Distortion World and then Lucas, Dawn, Looker and Cynthia go on in. When they found Cyrus, Lucas and Dawn battled, and beat Cyrus. Giratina makes the realization not to stay mad since Cyrus will just stay in the Distortion World. Dialga and Palkia then go back to their respective dimensions.

    But, that is what happened a year ago. Now, Cyrus is at the Distortion World, Mars and Jupiter are good girls now, Charon is arrested because of his actions at Stark Mountain, but people have reason to believe that Saturn will recreate Team Galactic although no one has seen him. Most people think that Team Galactic is gone forever; others believe that Team Galactic joined forces with other evil organizations, but Looker, Cynthia and Rowan all have reason to believe that Saturn has recreated Team Galactic. They do not know their current intentions now though. The three of them fear that Team Galactic has the same plan for a new world that involves a Pokemon far stronger than Dialga or Palkia. Cynthia is not accepting any Pokemon battles right now for people to steal her title of Sinnoh Champion until all of this is resolved.
    Now, you are probably wondering where you come in. Well, Rowan is expecting new people to come for your starter Pokemon and so you guys can begin your journeys. Now that Lucas and Dawn are in a new region, they cannot help so these new people should help. You guys are to report to his lab in Sandgem Town at the Sinnoh Region to retrieve your starter Pokemon.

    (Be sure to know what you are doing with your characters. Try to have your character(s) stick with other RPGers. Also, the events of this RPG take place in the year 2010 because it takes place after Platinum, which was released internationally in 2009. By the end, we'd be in the year 2013, so it lasts from 2010-2013.)

    General Rules:
    1. We are required to abide by all of the SPPf rules that relating to RPGs.
    2. Under no circumstances can you argue with me, although you may point out mistakes NICELY.
    3. You’ve got to stay active! I’m taking a lot of time to do this so don’t be rude by not being active! It’s a different story if you have a midterm in school or something, so arrange for someone to take over if something like that happens.
    4. The RPG is rated PG so let’s keep it like that. No extreme violence or anything like that.
    5. Don’t flame other members and don’t be an annoying troll.
    6. Check the first post for some answers before asking questions.
    7. Reply to VMs/PMs myself or other members of the RPG send you, especially if they are asking a question. It's rude if someone asks you a question and you don't reply.
    7. Have fun!!

    Sign Up Thread Rules:
    1. Your Sign Ups are expected be up to par with what my criteria is expecting.
    2. If this is your first RPG, you can Sign Up especially if it turns out to be good.
    3. If you know that you won’t be active, I recommend that you not Sign-Up.
    4. I’ll give you some chances if you mess up, especially if it is minor.
    5. Reserves will last for exactly one month although I might extend it if there are 2 Sign Ups to be made.
    6. Please don’t take forever. Sign Ups are not life projects. It could easily take you 2- 3 hours maximum if you put in the time.
    7. The Sign Up thread will be used for questions relating to the RPG until the Discussion Thread is posted. I’ll make an announcement when the Discussion Thread is posted.
    8. Don’t tell people if something is wrong with their Sign Ups unless if you are the mod, me or my Co-GM. (Which I don’t have)
    9. Don’t argue with me about the qualifications containing the Sign Up. It’s MY RPG which pretty much has the qualifications that the SPPf RPG staff is looking for.
    10. Don’t say that you’ll reserve, log off and never come back on SPPf or just not post in the RPG. Also, reply to my VMs and PMs.
    11. It is recommended that you type the Sign Up on a word processor like Microsoft Word so you can check for grammatical mistakes and it makes life easier for you.
    12. Your Sign Up must have great usage of punctuation marks, capitalization, etc.
    13. Once the Discussion Thread and RPG Thread are posted, I’ll have a mod close the Sign Up Thread so that no annoying members post there and since it would be utterly useless when the Discussion and RPG Threads are posted in their respective locations.

    RPG Thread Rules:
    1. Only the accepted members, mods giving warnings (which should not happen) and I are allowed to post in the RPG Thread.
    2. You are expected to stay active and post in the RPG contributing posts.
    3. It is required by the SPPf RPG staff that all posts in the RPG thread should be at least 7 lines with very good description. At least make solid attempt with the description.
    4. Your posts are expected to have great usage of punctuation marks, capitalization, etc.
    5. Your Pokemon should not be too powerful early on unless if they are fully evolved Pokemon caught when you have 6 badges or something. Egg moves are allowed but not very strong Egg moves.
    6. If you have 2 characters, they don't have to travel together, but please don't ignore one.
    7. OOC (out of character) posts can be posted in the RPG thread although you must also have a post for the RPG as well otherwise the OOC post shall be posted in the Discussion Thread.
    8. Please don’t make your characters feel like a master. For example, my characters are going to have horrible losing streaks. Try and make them lose at least 1 gym/a bunch of contests. (One co ordinater will win the Jubilife Contest, 1st contest location)
    9. Don’t bash other character’s posts. Only the mods and I can post about posts that an RPGer makes if it does not fit the standards.
    10. Bunnying is only allowed if the person whose character(s) you want to bunny allows it.
    11. Have fun!

    Discussion Thread Rules:
    1. The Discussion Thread will be used for questions, concerns, comments, etc. regarding the RPG.
    2. It is also recommend that you post some ideas for posts that you’ll do in the RPG like planned battles you have.
    3. You are not allowed to post in the Discussion Thread if you are not a mod or an RPGer in my RPG.
    4. Posts in the Discussion Thread are supposed to remain relevant to the RPG.
    5. You can also post things like teams you want a gym leader to have so I can say if it is good enough or not.

    About Gyms and the Sinnoh League:
    The eight Sinnoh Region gyms are located in their game locations in that they are in Diamond and Pearl. Their teams can be reasonable Pokémon that are not their DPPt teams although you can’t do something like Volkner having Raikou. Their amount of Pokemon should be reasonable too.

    Gym battles can be multiple posts to hold suspense, but 3 posts for 1 gym battle is the maximum. Showing a rival battling a gym leader can only be a maximum of 3 posts no matter what! If you must, your character can have it be a 4th post as well but try not to make that happen too often. Of course you can do 1 or 2 posts. We won’t leave a gym place until everyone has done their gym battle. You can have your rival or character beat a gym leader easily like Paul did with Maylene and Ash with Wake, but don’t make it frequent and early on.

    Now, with the league, there are a total of 32/64/128 (will decide when I see how many trainers and rivals people will have) entrants in the Sinnoh League which is in the same location as in DPPt, north of Sunyshore City. We'll have to agree on what place we want people to get in the Sinnoh League later. You can only have a maximum of 4 rivals each. The Elite 4 Members can appear throughout the course of Sinnoh and can battle some RPGers if they want and even appear more than once. After the Sinnoh League, we'll all regroup somewhere and the RPG will end.

    About Contests and the Grand Festival:
    Unlike the anime, there are 4 ribbons for each co ordinater to collect. The locations are:
    Jubilife City (1st visit)
    Floaroma Town (1st visit)
    Hearthome City (1st visit)
    Solaceon Town (1st visit)
    Celestic Town (1st visit)
    RPG- Only Towns (Made up although you’ve got to tell me the location and whatnot beforehand which should be reasonable and after Jubilife City. I don’t want RPGers flying all around Sinnoh for a contest.)

    Anyone can enter a contest, though they must get a contest pass and ribbon case (which are available at every contest hall, for convenience purposes). The Grand Festival will be held at Valor Lakefront. Basically, after beating TG, we are taken to Sunyshore City for the final badge and go to Valor Lakefront for the Grand Festival (there can be some contests in between) and then head to Lily of the Valley Island for the Sinnoh League. Any more contests shall get covered by then. 32/64/128 (will decide later) people enter with 16/32/64 people advancing past the appeal stage with them being rivals, RPG characters and NPCs. Each coordinator has a maximum of 4 rivals each. After the Grand Festival, we go to the league and the RPG ends.

    You can use the same Pokémon throughout an entire contest. There will also be Double Performance contests, namely at the Grand Festival.

    Team Galactic Appearances:
    Team Galactic will be appearing quite a few times throughout the RPG. It's basically a free for all battle between us and the grunts/commanders. Here are their ONLY locations (with the Commander(s), if applicable):
    Jubilife City (2nd visit) - 5 Grunts with 3 Zubats (15 Zubats in total). Looker appears afterwards and talks about Team Galactic.

    Valley Windworks- Venus (Clefairy and Zubat) and Neptune (Riolu and Zubat) with 5 Grunts that have 3 Zubats each. Looker appears late.

    Eterna City- A blue-haired man with a G on his shirt appears and looks at the statue of a Pokémon. (Arceus) No battling Team Galactic and the leader’s name is revealed later.

    Veilstone City- Earth (Plusle, Minun and Golbat) 4 Grunts with 2 Golbats each. Everyone struggles but then, Looker shows up and helps out with his Pokemon.

    Lake Valor- Uranus (Bronzor, Grotle and Golbat) 3 Grunts with 3 Golbats each. They capture Azelf. Looker appears late.

    Lake Verity- Venus (Clefairy, Chansey and Golbat) and Neptune (Riolu, Prinplup and Golbat) with 4 grunts that have 2 Golbats and 1 Zubat each. We all lose. Looker appears late and Mesprit is captured.

    Lake Acuity- Mercury(Magmar. Monferno and Golbat) and Earth (Plusle, Minun and Golbat) 3 Grunts with 2 Golbats each and 1 Zubat each. We get creamed. Uxie getting caught and Looker appearing late.

    Fuego Ironworks- Team Galactic Leader ??? (Three shady Pokémon) We (including Cynthia) see Looker lose against the leader. The Leaders gets three Red Chains and leaves. (No battling. I’ll control Looker VS the Leader)

    Spear Pillar- Mercury(Magmortar, Infernape and Golbat), Earth(Plusle, Minun and Golbat), Venus(Clefable, Blissey and Golbat), Neptune(Lucario, Empoleon and Golbat) and Uranus(Bronzong, Torterra and Golbat) Saturn(Alakazam, Toxicroak, Bronzong and Crobat) Looker and Cynthia battle Saturn. There are 5 commanders, so we'll organize who battles who later.

    In the original, I had my characters battle the commanders and everyone else battles the grunts. I have changed that now, but if people don't mind, I could change it back. I just figured it would be more fair this way.

    1. Torpoleon- Zach (Trainer) & Caroline (Co Ordinater) Accepted!
    2. Purplepassion- Brielle (Coordinator) & Liam (Trainer) Accepted!
    3. Double-oh-Platypus- Taylor (Trainer) & Ellie (Trainer/Coordinator) Accepted!
    4. Mon1010- Leo (Coordinator) & Lily (Trainer) Accepted!
    5. Krazy95- Danny (Trainer) & Tyler (Trainer) Accepted!
    6. Morpher01- Elliot (Trainer & Coordinator) Accepted!
    7. Slipomatic- Sherry (Trainer/Coordinator) Accepted!

    9 Trainers & 6 Coordinators

    Now for my RPG Post:

    Zach & Caroline were walking to Sandgem Town together and were excited to get their starting Pokémon.

    Both of them were walking very close to each other and Zach even grabbed Caroline's hand.

    Caroline noticed this and giggled. "Aww, you wanna hold my hand? Fine by me."

    Zach blushed. "I, uh, just want to keep you safe. That's all."

    Caroline smiled. "I know that's not the real reason. You love me, don't you?"

    "N-no!" Zach protested, letting go of her hand. "I don't love you! You're just my best friend. That's it. Nothing more."

    He started walking a little bit faster than Caroline, causing her to have to catch up to him.

    "Wait up, Zach!" She caught up to him and tried to grab his hand, but he wouldn't let her. "I'm really, really sorry for what I said. I didn't know that you don't like the truth being told to you. Now may I please hold your hand?" Caroline put on a puppy dog face to make Zach say yes.

    Zach sighed. "You know my weakness, Caroline. Well, alright. We can hold hands, but can we please change the subject? You're my best friend, not my girlfriend."

    Caroline smiled and glady took his hand. "So, judging from your cute shirt, I'm assuming your starter will be Piplup? Interesting choice. I'm choosing Chimchar, so you'll have to go extra easy on me for a while. Think you can do that?"

    Zach looked at Caroline, almost mesmorized by her beauty. "Anything for you, Caroline."

    Caroline giggled. "You're the best, Zach! Now let's go get our starters!"

    Zach nodded and was tempted to pick her up and hug her. The 2 eventually reached Sandgem Town and immediately saw the lab. Zach let go of Caroline's hand and they entered the lab.

    OK, guys! Let's be sure to get our starters and do whatever else we need to do here!
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