Elliot/Jason Trey
Jubilife City
Current Team: Piplup
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Several contestants had gone in the time that Elliot spent waiting. First was the romantic girl, who used a Misdreavus. Elliot found her appeal a bit cheap, using Mean Look to forcibly attract the audience's attention before showing off Misdreavus' Psywave. Despite this, as well as the girl's apparent nerves, the judges thought she did fairly well.

Following the appeal from the Misdreavus trainer came a girl who used a Pichu. Although clearly inexperienced, Pichu nonetheleless performed decently, making good use of its moves. Elliot noticed that the small Electric-type was capable of using Volt Tackle, but had not quite mastered the move yet. If he was to battle her, he would need to cut off her journey while Pichu's threat level was still lower than it could be.

The girl who was friends with the Ducklett trainer took some time to practice, rehearsing her appeal with a Duskull. She had not, however, proceeded onto the stage. Elliot raised an eyebrow as she took a seat, as if expecting her to speak to him.

Elliot greatly preferred that he go last. This way, he could accurately assess whether or not the other Coordinators would be any challenge. Thus far, only the girl with Pichu posed any sort of threat, and that was primarily because of her Pichu's type advantage over Elliot's Piplup. He had no idea what the Duskull girl was capable of, but judging by the amount of time she spent in her notebook, he imagined that she could be quite creative with her appeal, which would put his own appeal in jeopardy.

Elliot looked down at Piplup's Pokeball as he held it in his hand. The penguin would most likely not approve of Elliot's preferrance to wait. In addition to that, the Duskull-training girl seemed quite nervous, even with the encouragement of her Ducklett-training friend. Elliot grinned as he smelled an opportunity.

"Well," Elliot said to the Duskull girl, "which of us shall go next? Will it be I, or you?"

A sinister smirk crossed his face.

"Either way," he said, still smirking, "one of us has to put out quite a bit of effort in front of dozens--if not hundreds--of people. I may be judging a book by its cover, so to speak...but are you sure someone like you is adequately prepared for this sort of endeavor?"

This could have one of two effects. Either the girl would be suitably intimidated by the details Elliot provided, or her resolved would be strengthened. Either way, there was only one way to find out.