Elliot/Jason Trey
Jubilife Contest Hall
Current Team: Piplup
Badge Count: 0
Ribbon Count: 0

"Pichu, counter with Volt Tackle," Eleanor ordered, and Pichu complied with one of the rarer Electric-type moves. The small mouse charged forth, covering its body in electricity as it headed for Piplup.

Just as Elliot planned.

A sinister, Cheshire grin spread across Elliot's face. All the pieces were in place. Now it was time to finish the job.

"Piplup, jump and use Bubblebeam straight downwards!" Elliot ordered.

Piplup complied, rotating its body as it leapt into the air. It spun until it was directly above Pichu, and then it fired a Bubblebeam just as Elliot had instructed. The attack was positioned solely so that Pichu would be viciously pounded into the stage by the sheer force of the attack, and if luck was on Elliot's side, the ribbon would be his in mere moments...