Chapter One;

A single drop...

It falls...

It splatters...

The knife suddenly appears, once again. Another horrible repeat of this dark dream... This is pure cruelty.

The deadly edge hurls across the boring, plain room, and finds itself deep into the back of a man... Scarlet rivers flowing from the spot of the strike.

Suddenly, the entire world melts away into nothing...

I force myself out of the bed, anger growing within my very core. I stare into the mirror... The boy I see isn't me. He's not Luke Alphendar. I stare into the eyes Justin Sanchez.

But I am Justin, as I am Luke.

I'm living a lie. A dark, dreadful lie. My long black hair flows down my back. Luke had short, brown hair. I have a clear face, Luke had a scar that ran down his cheek.

I focus on the only remaining shard of my former self that was not destroyed by those medic idiots - My emerald-and-azure eyes.

"DING! DING! DING!" the clock shouts, as obnoxious as usual. In a quick, fluid motion, I bring my hand down on the side of it, shattering my dresser in a maelstorm of deadly, jagged shards of glass, and feel the edges finding their way into my arm.

Every word I utter is a sin, every step I take is a lie, every thing I do is full of darkness.

I'm living a lie.