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    This may not be very well edited and if I didn't follow precedure feel free to tell me mods.
    Hope you guys enjoy it. plus feel free to tell me if you think I should change some things.

    Dark Times

    Prologue : Dark Times

    As darkness started to settle on the realm of Leviatha a young man was standing in the shadows awaiting orders. As he was waiting he watched two young boys about the age of five playing with each other. The boys would chase each other, then they would pick up sticks, pretend they were swords and start play fighting. As the man was watching he pondered the fate of the two boys. Shortly he was joined by a older man who was his captain together they wondered what would they have to do. The man spoke to him " Drake do you see the boy with the dark brownish black hair ?" "Yes I see him" Drake replied back. "That 's the prince and our target." "But Mallos what about the other boy ? "I don 't know " the older guy replied. Suddenly out of nowhere a mist appeared and out of the mist stepped a tall, muscular, and evil man. His eyes were like fire , his hair was Jet black ,his clothes were clothes of a royal king who is getting ready for battle. His heart was as cold as a iceberg and his hatred of people knew no bounds. When he spoke it struck fear into the hearts of the men in front of him. His name was Galtorak. "Mallos , Drake I want you to capture the prince and kill the other boy, make sure you do it tonight and without any witnesses." "Now go !" Just as he appeared the mist swallowed him up and he and the mist disappeared without a trace of him every being there. "You heard the boss let 's go and get it over with." Mallos said. They both walked off into the forest to set a trap for the boys.

    Meanwhile in another part of the realm a young set of twin boys were preparing their home for there dad to come home, they anixously awaited the time when he would come home. They were the sons of Drake their names were Shondic and Phoenix they were about 8 years old and had a love for adventure. They loved when their dad came home because he would bring them gifts and tell them wonderfully stories of the other parts of the realm. They knew he would be home soon so they started feeding the animals and helping their mom prepare for dinner not knowing the consquences of what their dad was about to do.

    About five miles away twin sisters Venus and Shanic were preparing dinner for the evening. When suddenly out of the sky a Ruby colored dragon started breathing fire onto their farm. They ran out of the house and towards the woods. The dragon saw them breathed fire scorching Venus on the arm,but they made it to the forest and to safety. The dragon did not pursue them and when it had finished he left the burning farm and flew off into the distance. Venus and Shanic watched as their life as they knew it and their farm burned out of their lives forever. Shanic swore to get revenge for what the dragon had done.

    Meanwhile Ropav and Prince Octorok were noticing it was getting late. "Hey Octorok I think we better head back it 's getting late and because you are the prince I'll let you pick which way the long or the short way ?" said the boy with light brown hair. "I think Ropav we should take the long way because I don 't feel like going home just yet." So they took the long route and started thru the forest on their way home chatting about what they were going to do the next day never knowing that their plans would never happen. Because Just as soon as they got halfway home they were attacked by Mallos and Drake. "Hello prince it 's a pleasant night don 't you agree ?" Mallos said. The prince replied with this comment, "What do you want from us you evil men ?" "Oh, just your cooperation in coming willing with us." Drake responded. "What if I say no." "Either way you are coming with us whether you want to our not", Mallos said as he grabbed the prince by the arm. Ropav who stood by quietly while they were talking suddenly jumped on Mallos back and started choking him. Mallos grabbed Ropav off his back and flung him at a tree. Ropav hit the tree and stood up but abruptly collapsed to the ground unconcious."haha little fellow has some fight in him but bit off more then he could chew." Mallos laughed. Prince Octorok saw what happened to his friend and cried in sorrow. Mallos knocked the prince out and was about to pick him up when all of a sudden a dark silvery shape knocked him to the ground. They saw it was a silvery (with a tint of blue) she wolf her eyes were angry pools of amber,she was lean and muscular and she wasn't messing around she bit down on Mallos and wouldn't let go. "Stop standing there and get this thing off of me." Mallos said in pain. Just as Drake picked up his sword a fiery ball hit the wolf in the back and she went unconcious. Drake looked up and saw a huge Ruby dragon coming in for a landing. As it landed it said " Hurry up before I change my mind and kill you." Drake picked up Ropav and jumped on the dragon's back,Mallos followed with the prince. They took off and headed off into the distance. The she wolf woke up and saw it was hopeless to get them. She howled a long mournful howl then ran off into the forest in pursuit of the dragon. "haha" Mallos laughed when all of a sudden the dragon took a nosedive and the prince fell off. Drake tried to grab him but it was to late and the prince was lost somewhere in the forest. The dragon took him home and just as he settled down with his kids the dragon struck.

    Phoenix saw him first "Mom,Shondic dad's home" he shouted in glee. He ran to greet Drake and gave him a big hug.They walked together into the house and sat down for dinner. When out of nowhere a fire ball hit their house and killed their parents. Shondic and Phoenix stared in shock. Shondic was the first to respond.He grabbed Phoenix and ran out of the house into the woods.They barely made it when another fireball came inches from hitting them. Phoenix cried mournfully and Shondic swore to get revenge as they watched as the life as they knew it disappeared forever.

    Meanwhile in another town a young boy was caught stealing a loaf of bread he was taken to Galtorak's fortress and beaten.He was told he was now a slave and he was going to obey everything he was told to do our he would receive a worse beating.He was only six but he resolved he would get out of this if it's the last thing he would do.He was sold to a wealthy farmer and taken to his farm where he lived as a slave. About three miles away a young girl about 5 years old was found in the streets a young couple found her and took her in to raise her as a slave,she didn't know it but she would be a slave for a long time.

    Three days later a young couple found a young boy unconcious in the forest,his clothes were dirty ,his hair was a tangled mess of brownish black hair,and in his hands he held a piece of cloth that said "Help me."The couple took him in and cared for and raised him as a ordinary boy.He didn't know who he was so they called him Octorok, after the prince who had gone missing,not knowing that he was the missing prince.

    Meanwhile Galtorak was furious that they had lost the prince and sent a army out looking for him never knowing that he was in the care of a young couple about one mile from his fortress. Galtorak decided it was time to start searching for the emerald scale,and the dragon champion.Galtorak would never give up until he had it. He looked over into a twisted mirror and saw Firedrake a huge ruby colored dragon. "Don 't worry my friend we will be one again and nothing will stop us when that happens" Galtorak cackled evily.
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