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    Default Omega VS Sentient Dragons


    1) Battles will be done in BW OU OR BW2 OU, whichever you and your opponent decide.
    2) All battles will be BO3.
    3) The deadline is 2 weeks after the day this thread has been approved.
    4) Whichever clan gets 3 wins first is the winner.
    5) Good luck, have fun and be a good sportsman.

    Omega Line-Up
    -swampasaur Skamory7 swampasaur

    Sentient Dragons Line-Up
    -Hen da man

    -overlordmewtwo vs woebegonenick
    -matgonor vs Hen da man
    -QuoteMaster vs millarc3005
    -Silver_Anarchy_17 vs SoulMuse
    -Silver_Anarchy_17 vs dusk26

    Omega: 2 Sentient Dragons: 3

    Good luck, have fun, and may the odds be ever in your favor!
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    Credits to myself for the banner and xous54 for the image.

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