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looking at his stats I really don't see why he survives for you that much, there are way bulkier pokemon even in NU.
Rest is not the best recovery drain punch too (base 73 attack? it isn't gonna hit so hard to heal much).

Most psychic types (if not all) have better special bulk and offenses and some of them movepool too even in NU.
sure isomnia is nice but is it worth a team slot just for some pokemons who use sleep moves?
Not using my moveset. Hypno is the only Pokemon to learn Switcheroo and Disable. Have him hold a Choice Scarf and he'll have the enemy disabled by turn 2, and the foe dies from Struggle's recoil. Just maximize Defense and add a fair bit of EVs to HP and Sp. Defense so he lasts long enough. In this case, I would say Rest does work. It's a build where after turn 2 you just have to survive.