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    Default Life As A Grunt (PG 13-14-15)

    Pluto is the son of Saturn and Jupiter, he is treated like a slave and is given little bread and water.
    Pluto is constantly showered in "Galactic" Pokemon like Bronzong, Starly and Zubats, he hates most of his Pokemon, except for one Zubat which is special to him, he caught him himself. Jupiter is mostly "looking after" Pluto whereas Saturn is almost always away.
    This is set a little after Ash destroyed Team Galactic, what happens to him is revealed early in the fic.

    Pluto gazed at the strangely yellow Shinx through the Pokemon adoption center glass in awe.

    "Hey there Shinxy! How're you doing?"

    "Garo!" exclaimed the Shinx.

    Pluto's mother, Jupiter grabbed Pluto and dumped him on a bench outside the shopping centre

    "Don't you dare run off again!" screamed Jupiter at Pluto "And you look at a Shinx, of ALLLLL things!! Why can't you be a normal Galactic Grunt like the other people?!"

    "I'm sorry, mother, it's just, I want a Shinx, you've been forever showering me with Bronzongs and Zubats, I just want a different kind of Pokemon!" Pluto replied.

    Saturn gript (new word!) Pluto's suit collar, purple with rage
    "Say... That... Again..." she quivered.

    "Skuntank, punish the boy..." Jupiter demanded, pressing the button on her Pokeball.

    The Skuntank charged at Pluto, who hung on to an outdoor decorative tree, he tossed Zubat out of his Pokeball, which was the only Pokemon he liked (because he caught it himself), to attack it.
    Zubat hit the Skuntank with a Supersonic, which made Skuntank confused.

    "Insolent boy" Jupiter muttered, dragging Pluto by the arm onto her Staravia to fly him to Galactic HQ.

    At dinner Pluto munched on the little bread he was given and thought a lot about that Shinx. The one hundred seater Krookodile skin table was filled with delicacies such as Slowpoke Tail and Farfetch'd's Leek

    "If I ever get you" he thought "I would name him Sparko, I'd run away from this dumpster and get some normal clothes, I'd be a normal boy."

    "If only"

    "Boy, bed!" Jupiter commanded
    Pluto dragged his body to his quarter, his quarter was tiny compared to the other rooms in Galactic HQ.
    He got into his sleepwear and snuggled up with his Zubat, which was strictly forbidden

    "Pokemon should be in cages, not houses" Jupiter had once said "Pokemon should be in graves, not beds, like Ash's Pikachu"

    Pluto thought about Ash, his father, Saturn, had once taught him about Ash,
    "He was trying to protect the Pokemon, meddle with Team Galactic, he won once, but when he came back for more, we got the Pokemon"

    Saturn clenched his fist, as he crushed a strawberry into dark, musty dust.

    "Later Ash committed suicide, we doubled the pleasure by murdering his Pokemon, too." Saturn was grinning at the thought.

    Pluto coiled in fear, remembering the moment his father told him that story.

    "I bet Ash was a good boy" he croaked.

    Pluto stared at an open window.
    "Should I?" he thought to himself.

    "If I don't now, nothing's going to change."

    Pluto was just about to jump out of the window until he grabbed a piece of paper and a pen.

    "A goodbye letter" he thought.
    All he wrote was;
    Goodbye Galactic

    He laid the note onto his drawer, which, besides the bed, was the only piece of furniture in his quarter. He placed his Pokeballs with the note, Zubat was spared.
    Pluto took his secret stash of money, 24P.

    "C'mon Zubat" he said, as he jumped out of his window.

    Pluto and Zubat strut along the previous shopping centre's (from yesterday) street.

    "First things first" He thought "New clothes."

    "Uhm, Hello, Master Grunt" said the cashier as he walked in, obviously intimidated by the fact he was a member of Galactic.

    Eventually Pluto proceeded to the checkout with some cameo pants and a blue Pokeball t-shirt.
    Pluto's life money was shortened to 15P.

    Pluto went on and changed on the street, then flew Zubat to a hairdresser.

    "I want normal hair" he told the barber.

    The barber stumbled over to Pluto, clearly drunk.

    "Ehhhhhh, normal, eh?" He gurgled

    The barber pulled out a pair of scissors in a flash, his arms flew as he cut Pluto's hair, locks of hair fell on the floor, his barber scissors zipped around at the speed of light.
    But that doesn't mean he cut his hair well...
    No, it was horribly spiky and uneven.
    Horribly.... normal

    "Now what about this money payment thing..." He stumbled, but before he knew it, he was rushing out of the store, rushing to the sole reason he ran away.
    He ran for the Shinx.

    "Shinx!" he cried, staring at the yellow Shinx in the window.

    He pressed his nose against the glass, he ran into the shop.

    "I'd like that yellow Shinx" Now-Normal Pluto declared boldly.

    The cashier was in deep slumber, so rather then wake him up, Pluto ran behind the glass and just took the special Shinx.
    He sat behind the glass, snuggling the little Shinx.

    "Sparko" said Pluto "You're a Sparko now".

    The few shoppers out at this time of night stared at him in disgust through the heated sand.
    "Sparko, you're the sole reason I exist."

    Pluto, Sparko and Zubat drifted off into slumber.

    The trio's sleep was interrupted by an old cleaning lady poking her with a broom.
    Sparko charged up a second Thunder Shock to make the old lady stop.

    "Stop, please, Sparko." Grumbled Pluto, rubbing his eyes.

    They retreated from the shop.
    All three of them strutted down the street, feeling on top of the world.
    Suddenly a familiar face was met, from across the corner of the street.

    "Skun! Skunk! Tank-Ta!" The Skuntank called.

    It took Pluto a moment to register, but when he did, he scooped up Sparko and ran.
    As fast as he could.

    Jupiter, who was called by Skuntank ran behind Skuntank, who was on Pluto's tail.

    "You little piece of ****!" She screamed at him

    Pluto zipped around the corner, Zubat could hardly keep up.
    Jupiter sent out more and more Pokemon in hopes to catch the boy.






    The list went on, Pluto ran, he ran and ran. He kept on running until he saw his head push to the ground.
    He had tripped on a Wurmple.

    Pluto's Zubat used all his power to help Puto up.
    All the Bronzongs and Stunky ran as fast as they could to catch up to the now-tripped Pluto.

    "Stunky! Poison Gas, now!"

    Pluto tried to pull himself up at the recognition of her voice. But it was too late, his head fell to the ground as he became asphyxiated with gas.

    "Hnnngg" He groaned, trying to keep himself up.

    "Sp-p-arko. T-h-hunder." He groaned.

    He saw Sparko clench the stone he was holding as he charged up the thunder.

    Pluto had recognized that stone before!

    "That's called an Everstone!" he thought.

    Pluto used all his strength to reach out and grab the Everstone.

    He had terrible timing, the exact moment when he touched Sparko, Sparko had released his Thunder.

    The electric zap Pluto was given certainly woke him up, he jumped up from the floor and grabbed the Everstone.
    As soon as he did, Jupiter, Zubat, Pluto and the other Galactic Pokemon were all knocked back by a blue beam.

    Sparko was transforming, he was now much taller and furrier. His tail was longer. His skin was the same colour, but there was mountains of black-with-a-blue-hue fur.
    "Sparko!" Pluto yelled, who was bewildered by Sparko's new appearance.


    Sparko's Thunderbolt painfully jolted all of the other Pokemon. Pluto held Zubat close in hopes of him not getting zapped.

    He didn't.

    All the Galactic Pokemon were knocked out as soon as the bolt hit them, Jupiter got zapped, too.
    Jupiter was fuming, her hair was messy and her Galactic suit was given a black, scorched look.

    Pluto was in a hurry to escape, Sparko jumped on Pluto's shoulder, the thirty kilo Luxio hardly weighed him down. Pluto gript (New word appears, again!) onto Zubat's legs, as Zubat flew as far as he could.

    Jupiter shook her fist at the Zubat, she stared down at her fainted Pokemon.

    "Should I be treating Pokemon like slaves?" Jupiter pondered to herself.

    "Leave the boy! Forget that crap!! We have got some intruders in HQ!!" Screamed Team Galactic overall leader, Cyrus.

    Jupiter left the Pokemon behind. She talked herself out of sense.

    "They're just Pokemon, slaves used for battling, use them and then forget 'em" She said to herself.

    Meanwhile, back with Pluto, they had been traveling for an hour or two, Pluto saw a small little town, similar to the place where his friend, Barry, was raised in.
    "Zubat! Land here, please" Pluto called to his trusty friend. As soon as Pluto was landed he saw a sign.

    Littleroot City it said the town that can't be shaded any hue.
    "What a peculiar sign" He thought to himself.

    This little town was squirming with dog-like Pokemon.
    This little town only had two houses, and one big house.

    Pluto strolled over to the big house

    Professor Elm's Lab it said.
    Pluto knocked on the door, no answer.

    "Hm, strange" he thought.

    Pluto walked to the north of the town.

    The pleasant stroll with his Luxio and Zubat was interrupted by screams.

    "Help meeee!!" The screaming man said, Pluto could hold this no longer, he ran towards the screaming voice.

    Pluto could see an old man, wearing a lab coat being cornered by a black colored dog-like Pokemon. Pluto had never seen that Pokemon before.

    "What's that?" He asked.

    "Poocheyena! Now save meeeee!!!!" The old man said.

    Pluto pointed his finger to that Poocheyena.

    "Sparko! Thunder!" He ordered.

    It was a one hit KO for the Poocheyena.

    "Th-thanks for saving me..." the old man said "I'd like to rewards you with a Mudkip, Treeko or Torchic, but unfortunately I can't." he huffed.
    "Take this" he poofed, he handed Pluto a Pokeball and a rectangular machine.
    "That" he professed "is a Pokedex, inside that Pokeball is an Eevee"

    Pluto nodded, he was a bit intimidated by the old man's firmness, so he ran out of the city.
    Several grass patched followed, he looked at his Pokeball.

    "Eevee, eh?" he said to himself.

    "I wonder what Pokemon that is."

    Suddenly a cold shiver followed, Pluto looked up and saw that the cold shiver was cause by a shadow, a shadow that covered the entire town he was in.
    Pluto shot a glance over at a sign,

    Oldale Town it read Where things start off scarce.
    Pluto looked up at the sky and he saw a giant helicopter, a ladder was thrown out of the door of the chopper, some familiar faces scrambled down the ladder.

    "Jupiter, Cyrus, Saturn, Aunty Mars" He counted in fear.

    All four of them stood side by side, they tossed out their Pokemon.

    Cyrus tossed out a dog-like Pokemon, a Pokemon that looked remarkably like a Zubat, a Pokemon that looks like a long fish, a bird and an indescribable rat.
    Pluto opened the rectangular device that the man described as a "Pokedex"

    Pokedex said they were called Houndoom, Crobat, Gyrados, Honchkrow and Weavile.

    Saturn sent out her Pokemon, the Pokedex told Pluto the names of his Pokemon as fast as he could send them out.

    A Golbat, Toxicroak and Bronzor.

    Mar's turn, Bronzong, Golbat and a Purugly.

    His mother's turn, Bronzong, Golbat and Skuntank

    Pluto flinched as he saw all those Pokemon, side by side.

    "Sparko, Quick Attack" Pluto commanded pathetically.

    Sparko aimed for the Houndoom, the move didn't do a dent.

    "Gyrados! Hyper Beam!"

    Gyrados shot a blue beam towards Zubat and Sparko, in which both of them fainted instantly.

    "Given up yet, kid?" Cyrus beamed.


    Pluto stared at the Pokeball still in his hand, it was marked Eeevee.

    "He's never battled before, but he's worth a try!" Pluto triumphantly declared.

    Pluto threw the Pokeball.

    Eevee, Last Resort! Now!"

    Eevee charged up his mouth, a tiny blue ball expanded in his mouth, when it reached the size where it could not be held any longer, Eevee realeased it.

    The move was a blowing hit, Eevee kept on using the move and in no time, half of the Pokemon were knocked out.

    "Weavile, Ice Shard" Cyrus commanded, the Weavile summoned shards of ice and shot them at Eevee, who strategically dodged them.

    "Eevee, keep it up with Last Resort!"

    Eevee kept it up until he couldn't take it anymore, when he couldn't take it anymore, there was one Pokemon next.
    The Gyrados.

    "Gyrados! Hyper Beam!"

    Gyrados charged up a bigger blue ball in his mouth.
    Eevee sat there, petrified with fear.

    "Eevee! Dodge it!" Pluto yelled, as scared as Eevee was.

    Yet Eevee failed to dodge it, Eevee laid there on the floor after he was hit.

    "E-evee" Pluto croaked "If you're still in there, moonlight.

    Yet Eevee sat himself up. Eevee flinched while trying to move, but he hung in there.

    Both of the Pokemon had 99% of their health lost.

    "Whoever attacks first, finishes it" Cyrus laughed, the rest of Team Galactic had retreated to their helicopter, ready to fly off with Pluto.

    "It's not the strongest move" Pluto whispered to himself "But if it hits first, and Gyrados is on 99%, it's gotta win..." Pluto's whispers quickly turned into a yell
    "...Eevee, Quick Attack!" Pluto declared.

    That was it, Gyrados fell to the ground.

    "We won!" Pluto cheered.

    Cyrus stood there, purple with rage.

    "How... Dare... You..." Cyrus growled, his voice getting louder with every syllable.

    Cyrus reached inside the suit he was wearing.

    Pluto expected another Pokeball, Eevee couldn't fight anymore, they'd capture him and take him back to being a grunt. But Cyrus pulled out something much worse.

    A gun

    Pluto returned all of his Pokemon to their Pokeballs in panic, he ran towards an orange building, it didn't matter if it belonged to someone, or if it was a public place, it was a different place at the least.

    "Hello! Welcome to the Pokemon Center~!" A cheery lady said,
    Pluto turned to face her, his bloody face and sweat stained shirt, the look of that certainly snapped that out of her smile.

    Pluto looked around and saw a homely couch and people playing with cute Pokemon.

    Pluto went and sat on the couch, head on his knees and started to cry, getting blood, sweat and tears all over the couch.

    The cheery lady slowly walked over towards Pluto, she went and sat next to him, putting her hand on his back.
    "Do you have Pokemon?" the lady said gently. Pluto nodded and showed her the Pokeballs in his fist.

    "Are they hurt? I heal Pokemon for you for free, that's my job, my name's Nurse Joy." Nurse Joy said
    "That would be nice" Pluto said, still sniveling.

    "I'll take your Pokemon for a few seconds." She said, walking towards a machine. "Here you go, all happy and healthy!" She joyfully said after the machine finished beeping, she walked over to Pluto again and put the Pokeballs in his open palm.

    "Thanks" He croaked, he put all of his Pokeballs in his pocket, all but one.

    "Sparko, come out." he ordered, placing down Sparko's Pokeball.

    Sparko got out, he went to rest on Pluto's lap, to comfort him.

    "That's a cute Pokemon, I've never seen him before!~" Nurse Joy said.

    "It's a Luxio, I come from Sinnoh." He muttered.

    "Sinnoh, Sinnoh, I've heard of that place bef-"

    Nurse Joy's words were interrupted by Cyrus bursting into the room, both hands holding the gun, arms extended.
    You come hide at the Pokemon centre, eh?" He laughed "Pathetic. You little son of a *****. You can't escape Team Galactic."

    "I don't know WHO you are! But I will stop you!" Nurse Joy said, tossing out two Pokeballs.

    Two red and blue bird-like flying Pokemon was sent out, Pluto opened up his Pokedex and he checked the name.
    Latios and Latias it said.

    "Escort him from the building!" She said.

    The Latios and Latias used their "arms" to take Cyrus by the shirt collar, and fly him outside.

    "Th-t-hank you, Nurse Joy." Pluto stuttered.

    "No problem, you'd better leave now, take this with you" She handed Pluto some spray bottles labeled "Potion".

    "Thanks, I'll be going now." Pluto said as he left.

    Pluto strutted down the street. The Galactic Helicopter was now gone.

    Pluto was bored for once in his life, he walked around this old town until he saw a girl about his age. She was wearing a red hoodie, not a normal one, it looked like a uniform of a kind. Pluto looked closer and realized the girl was crying.

    "Hi" Pluto awkwardly stuttered "My name's Pluto" Pluto did not have many friends and he was not very charamistic (Can't spell xD).

    The girl kept on crying, so Pluto went and sat next to her.

    "What's your name?"

    "Maxine" She sniveled.

    Pluto looked up and saw a Pokemon on her head, he checked the Pokedex. According to it, it was called Numel.

    "I like your hoodie, Maxine" He fibbed.

    "I don't" She muttered "Don't you recognize my uniform?"

    "Uhm no, I'm new to this place."

    "I'm the daughter of Maxie," She explained "Maxie is the leader of Team Magma, Team Magma is the evil corporation that wants to awaken Groudon, one of the two legendary Pokemon of Hoenn. I am cursed about the fact that I am his daughter, he forces me to do evil stuff and gives me almost no food"

    "Well, that's a lot like what happend to me..." Pluto explained the story of the Shinx, Team Galactic, Ash and how he almost got killed this afternoon.

    "Well, maybe I could run away!~" She laughed.

    "Then what are we waiting for! Let's get shopping!" Pluto cheered.

    "But the problem is... We need to get to Slateport, that's miles away."

    "Let's fly there!" Pluto exclaimed, tossing a Pokeball, sending out Zubat.

    "Zubat! Fly to Slateport!" Pluto called, holding onto one of Zubat's feet, Maxine did the same.

    "WOoooooh!!" She yelled! "Here we are!" Maxine ran towards a big building.

    Pluto ran after her, not after catching a glance at the sign Slateport Market.

    Maxine went crazy shopping, she bought a dress and a white Pokeball shirt, When she got in the dressing room, she took off he hoodie for the first time in her life, her long lucious hair was let out.

    Maxine walked out of the dressing room, as soon as Pluto saw her, his jaw dropped. Let me take a moment to describe her, She had long flowing chesnut hair, blue eyes, her white t-shirt almost matched Pluto's, the miniskirt she was wearing was light pink.

    "How do I look?~" She asked Pluto.

    "Be-be-beutiful." He stuttered, then immediantly blushed.

    "Good" She gleamed, stepping slowly towards Pluto.

    Pluto stood there, she kept on stepping towards him, she put her hands on his shoulder, leaned forwards, noses touching and-

    CRASH! The building was collapsing!

    Shrieks and tears from the other shoppers came from every direction.

    Zubat stood there, midflight, almost as if to say "Comon! I can fly! Grab my legs!" Pluto did as he was told, Zubat flew away from the collapsing building.

    "Maxine!" He yelled at Zubat, commanding Zubat to go back and save her. Zubat flew towards the building, towards were Maxine was being crushed, Zubat swooped up above her, while Pluto grabbed her by the hand.

    "Th-thanks" She whispered. Pluto pulled his arm up, while Maxine attempted to grab Zubat's leg. Zubat swooped them down towards the rubble to confront the people who did it.

    "Maxiiiinneee"a man with red hair said "Glad you could make it!"

    "Daa-aad! Do you have any idea how many people's lives you just took?! she complained.

    "You did this?! You bastard!" Pluto yelled at Maxie.

    "Lookie here... My little Maxine finally has a boyfriend."

    "He's not my boyfriend!" She yelled.

    "Maxine, learn your place. Get the hell into your uniform and come back with Magma."


    A girl with blue hair on a motorbike burst into the town.

    "This is Officer Jenny! You are in big trouble for blowing up one of Hoenns landmarks and assulting a young child!"

    Officer Jenny threw four Pokeballs, acording to the Pokedex, they were all Machamps.
    Two Machamps each held one of Maxie's arms. They escorted him to a truck.

    "Thank God that son of a ***** is gone." Pluto nodded to his agreement.

    *Note: I know I'm not much of a writer, please give intelligent criticism, not "I dun liek it lol bcause it not well rite i mean, you know lol!!!?!11!!!"*
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    We cut the legs off of our pants
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    Sit back and wave through the daylight

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    It's a good start, but I couldn't really picture the story, just the dialogue. Also it helps to space out your paragraphs so that it's not all just one lump. Other than that, it's a good start. I happen to like Team Galactic (well Cyrus really) but I've always wondered if Saturn was really a boy or a girl. For some reason I thought he/she was a girl but I could be wrong. This universe could be very confusing.

    Well good luck :3

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    Thanks!! \(^.^)/
    I'll do that right now :3
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    We cut the legs off of our pants
    Threw our shoes into the ocean
    Sit back and wave through the daylight
    Sit back and wave through the daylight

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