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Thread: a Pokemon Master?

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    Default a Pokemon Master?

    What does Ash mean by a Pokemon Master?

    He won the Orange Island League against Drake a long time ago.

    Didn't he become a Pokemon Master at that time?

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    It was defined in the very first episode (though the dub sort of muddled the explanation) as "the best Pokemon Trainer in the world".

    It was also further mentioned in the last DP episode that winning a Champion League and becoming Champion Master would just be a step on the road to becoming Pokemon Master.

    So, well, no, he didn't. Not by a long shot.

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    How would winning a minor island league make him a pokemon master, when he has lost every other one he has been in?
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    It is not stated by the anime who a pokemon master is. but you can assume that a pokemon master is the best pokemon trainer and winning the orange league doesnt make ash a pokemon master
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    Could have looked at our FAQs or went to the Single Questions Thread.

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