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    The episode began with a comedic note which I really enjoyed. The whole section with 'the rivals' arriving was brilliant and both Dawn and Ash's reactions just reinforced how great they are when they are travelling together. Secondly, the whole scene with Alder and Cynthia just made me laugh, reminded me of Brock but not with a major over-reaction (instead Alder begged). It is also noted that there is still no love lost with Trip with his reaction.

    Next was the exhibition battle with Cynthia and Caitlin. Caitlin was a very interesting character. She seemed very reserved and I think there is a lack of confidence due to her 'inner' reaction. Anyway, even though the battle was short, it was action packed and I hope this isn't the last we see of Caitlin.

    Finally, we had the first round battles. I personally believe only the last battle between Georgia and Iris was really significant. We find out that Dragonite likes to battle head-on in both offence and defence and discover that in this particular instance that Dragonite is pretty successful at it. I wonder what this team will be like once Iris gets Dragonite to listen (hmmmm). Succeeding this we see that Trip has a burning hatred for Alder and Trip really didn't like his childhood idol after they previously met. I wonder if this will effect Trip during the tournment or if he battles Alder in the finale.

    On to the next one!
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