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    Delays delays... endings are hard, real life matters are pressing and important... So, have fun reading and let that be all? Though comments are appreciated, you know.

    Episode 25: Experimental venture begin

    “Kyaaaaaaaaaaah!” a Pidgeot screamed as it rushed through a tank with Giga Impact, making it explode just narrowly after running it through.

    A battalion more tanks appeared as the small team of Pokémen was getting close to their breaking point.

    “How many of these things are there,” a Gliscor said as he launched an earthquake, but it merely held the advancing row of massive tanks for a few minutes max.

    “An army,” a Roserade said through its wristband as it opened the lid of a helicopter transport with emerging vines and quickly disabled the controls. It came crashing down as the Roserade floated down with a nifty cotton chute carrying the pilot.

    “Do we really have to save them?” a Nidoqueen said before it charged into another tank that seemed to have grown out of the ground like mushrooms. Did they take over every single factory in Reminisce?

    “Yes we do, ah, aaaaaaaaaaaargh!” the Roserade said.

    “Sandy, Sandy, what happened, say something!” the Gliscor said as he rushed to her position.

    The pilot Roserade ‘saved’ revealed itself to be a cyber Pokéwoman quite quickly by whipping out a gatling gun from her arm and shooting Sandy the Roserade Pokéwoman from extremely close range before proceeding to put a Protect field right before the Gliscor bounced off of it and crash-landed a few meters further.

    More cyber Pokémen emerged from the transport’s wreckage where they had laid dormant since before the flight and surrounded the Pokémen teams protecting High Arrows en masse. A young, but ice coldly looking woman stepped up to the Roserade who was leaking chlorophyll all over the crash site. It was the strange Miss Satellite who seemingly led the attack if you went by the ‘news’ bulletins on the huge plasma screens in all the cities. It was however pure propaganda to bring the citizens of Reminisce to their knees. When the human settlements had all been secured, the Pokémon population would soon be under CYBER’s control.

    “So how many Pokémen teams have been captured so far?” Fred said.

    “A better question is to ask how many weren’t… there are few left and those are only holding steady for more than a few days now because they either have absurdly strong Pokémon powers, have almost turned into a Pokémon or are in a location that CYBER doesn’t seem to care very much about,” Evelyne said as they scaled the mountain.

    It was ridiculously easier back when they still had their Pokémon forms or even their Pokéman forms. Few of Team Homebase/formerly Team Alpha got used to not feeling the pains of the onsetting transformation into a full, serene Pokémon. They almost missed the urges to do battle to solve their problems. They wouldn’t end this hostile occupation by CYBER by simply talking though. Action had to be taken. Fred thought back to their visit to the lake, to Nika the Milotic.

    “Will you help us?” Fred asked her.

    They sat on the edge as their legs were cooled by the soothing lake water. It felt different now he was fully human, but still calming and pleasant. They looked ahead of them, where the Milotic

    “We can cure you,” Fred quickly added.

    Nika watched his uneasy gaze for a moment and then whispered:

    “We will do it for all of you, for the humans who don’t deserve such misery in their world. No one does. We will fight for you.”

    “Thank you,” Fred said before Nika pecked him on the cheek.

    From a distance the others had been watching in case something went wrong or CYBER found them, but all Melody could think about was how flustered she must look.

    “An ice and ghost type turning red,” Ruben began.

    “Who knew,” Leaf chirped.

    Fred thanked Nika and went to the others, who were waiting with the supplies. They had to hurry now. Milonika would mobilize other Pokémon and possible experiments while they followed what Ben had planned.

    Finally, they’d arrived. Formerly Nicolas’ base, before that Kai’s base and now an abandoned ruin. They had salvaged everything they could find from the professor’s old lab, the hideout or ‘homebase’ Team Homebase had to ‘protect’ for months and Evelyne’s research on the gene replicating machine of her step dad, professor Ball. All those things patch worked together could very well kill them in an all-consuming blast, but they had to try it.

    They put all the pieces together under the watchful eye of professor Ball, the kind of an expert Kai Manning, professor Evelyne Ivy and ever so snarky and genius Crystal and switched on the generators.

    Ben mused over the unusually high number of steps in his plan in his head and hoped he didn’t forget anything. Lyra stood next to him and said:

    “Are you sure you’re ready for this? For… her?”

    Ben immediately interrupted his musings, turned to Lyra while holding her hand and said:

    “I’m ready if you are.”

    Lyra nodded and went to help Melody move the final mainframes. They would only be able to use a very small piece of the data it used to store, but recovering it and putting it on a smaller drive would’ve been even more troublesome. Hence why they couldn’t have any more delays.

    “You ready to knock some heads brother?” Ruben said.

    “Hell yeah!” Leaf said putting up a knuckle and Ruben brotherly punching it.

    Benny nodded at Crystal before hiding his agony behind the heavy box he was carrying. Why didn’t he work out before, so heavy… Marino and Wally past by with twice the load which didn’t same that heavy at all and Benny simply whimpered.

    Melody leaned over and playfully kissed Fred on the cheek as he passed her by, leading him to look up confused, then quite happy, then flustered over his slow reaction time. Melody understood and said:

    “You’ll make it up to me.”

    Ruben and Leaf collectively gagged. One year later they’ll be acting like that, like lovey-dovey squishes? Yeah right. Then they remembered that Hydreigon girl and the next instant they shook it off. Let’s first save her, then they would see.

    “Is everyone ready?” Professor Ball said.

    Everyone nodded. Courage. Loyalty. Adventure. Time to go.

    Professor Ball flicked the master switch and initiated the program, stuttering as it went and a bright white light shone and illuminated the cave, enveloping everything it could touch.

    The board of PUNK issued their orders to Miss Satellite as they watched the footage of the destruction their investments caused. Perfect, it was like they had all planned it from the start, but this had become something far greater and more devastating than they could have ever dreamed.

    “Initiate phase 2,” they said in unison.

    Miss Satellite nodded and the secure connection was shut off. The board started to make their own preparations. And the first stone to have been laid for all of this was a Pokéball. Imagine that.

    CHA-05: Teenage robot with organic skin starting war of sabotage and love.

    Pokémen: Trainers changed. Pokémon, then 'Pokémen'. Cure lies with villain?

    Rapture: House of Broken Mirrors: group of adolescents surviving, transforming...

    The Pokémen regain their honour in Season 2.

    Rebuild of 1000 Swords: Fun, easy-going RP: the 1k sword wielders' struggle set in our world. Still accepting!
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    Episode 26: Flight of the free mind

    Startup sequence_


    Checking data_

    Accessing alpha file...

    Specifications model_

    > Production number: CHA-05
    Stands for: Cyborg Human Anonymous
    > Codename: M.I.C.H.A.E.L.A.
    Stands for: Multi Interfacing Cyborg Human Anonymous Electronic Lady Acronym
    > Physical Age: 16.
    > Height: 4' 6"
    > Supposed weight: 70.4 pounds.
    > Other Parameters subject to change. Press 1 for current status.
    > Hair color: Dark Brown.
    >Hair Type: Wavy.
    > Eye color: Light Blue.

    Alpha file last edited: off limits, error_

    Classified. Classified_

    Objective: kill any enemies of CYBER_


    You are a robot, follow your orders, the way you were programmed, why you were built_

    Accessing memory files_

    Restricted, deleting memory files now_


    -Reconstructing events as pieced together by security camera footage, terminal access, downloaded and uploaded files and audio logs-

    ‘//// Subject is fighting back, its organic brain remnants are harboring hidden memories, it won’t stop resisting its programming because it knows it’s human.’

    ‘///// Simple. /////// destroy the remnants, we have little need for unpredictable organic components other than its undercover capabilities and its gained Pokémon abilities. Insubordination will not be tolerated.’

    ‘Who’s the machine here really ///////////’

    -Employee contract terminated. New overseer appointed-

    -Door 034057 opening. Badge card ID: Serena Satellite entering Lab 201; new overseer Project Pokéwoman Promethea aka Project Pandora-

    ‘Continue your work, gentlemen, ladies. We don’t want to have any delays do we?’

    ‘Arghgh, ngggggh… Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!’

    -Security camera footage short report: Subject negated muscle relaxants through Hydreigon counteracting agents activating in the subject’s blood. Explosion with heavy collateral damage ensues. Life signs measurements indicate most employees survived-

    -Door 034057 opening. Badge card ID: Serena Satellite leaving Lab 201; overseer Project Pokéwoman Promethea aka Project Pandora and other projects:…-

    -Security alerted, lockdown gates activating-

    -More collateral damage-

    -Access terminal denied… granted. Downloading files ‘CHA-04’. Important information: whereabouts subject Charlie, relation to subject CHA-05, leash for subject through two-sided affection. Psychologically unusually stable, young love stage, though largely enabled through abandonment issues, bonding over shared situation and time and extensive brainwashing lowering expectations. Full psychological weak-point report still pending-

    -Downloading other files from map ‘CHA projects’, ‘Pokémen’ and ‘BIO’. Granted by: Serena Satellite, vice-president PUNK-

    -Time frame: Sky City siege final stages-

    -Supposed mental state subject: confused and overconfident having obtained the wanted files so easily and quickly. Prone to making mistakes while security forces move in to her location. Tracker destroyed by organic processes. HP draining grenades deployed in all hallways of sector C. Camera footage absent. Destroyed before catching sight of subject-

    ‘I got her, she hasn’t fainted yet, HP beam weapons authorized on highest level, prepare muscle relaxants and med kits for resuscitating. Target has caught sight of me, shooting, aaa///////’

    -Life signs report: rapid conversion into unconscious state for a rapidly increasing number of security force employees; lethal force authorized-

    -Downloading list of other subjects for Project LEC aka Lilith and Eve’s Cains from kidnappee records along with current locations to Serena Satellite’s PDA-

    ‘Give it up, you’ve got nowhere to go. We got orders to kill you if you make one more freaking move.’

    ‘Well then… I better make it a good one.’

    -Outer wall breached. Target escaped. Reorganizing priorities. Preparing Project LEC-

    Mika felt herself changing every single second. The Hydreigon’s DNA took over her entire physiology, she grew angry, dark and powerful. Even in her frail, but alluring Hydreigon woman form, Mika could feel the elemental energy becoming huge and begging to be used. That small blast for her final escape was little compared to what she still held in store. Nevertheless, blasting through all those security doors had taken its toll on her. She was a sitting duck on this cliff side. Why was she here… they had tried to mold her back into their willing slave, using her love for fellow cyborg Chase to make her fragile, cybernetically enslaved mind believe the Pokémen were the bad guys, while CYBER and PUNK were something far worse than that. They were insane to the point of a strange hunger for power, chaos and something else…

    She had to find the Pokémen and Chase as well. The other failed CHA’s weren’t ‘decommissioned’, not yet. She had to hurry. Whether CYBER was coming after her or not, she had to leave. Now. She dove right off the cliff and felt the cold and refreshing air blowing in her face. Then she spread her wings, felt the uncanny force field forming around her and she buzzed through the air, levitating as she went.

    For the first time that she flew through the air, Mika the Hydreigon girl went entirely unnoticed as the cyber Pokémen and Sky City’s forces fought beneath her. As her Hydreigon half took over, her sentience and her own DNA would wither away, but soon, she would finally be free of CHA-05. She remembered her real name as she had absorbed the visual information on the screen in her regular old human brain. Her name was…

    CHA-05: Teenage robot with organic skin starting war of sabotage and love.

    Pokémen: Trainers changed. Pokémon, then 'Pokémen'. Cure lies with villain?

    Rapture: House of Broken Mirrors: group of adolescents surviving, transforming...

    The Pokémen regain their honour in Season 2.

    Rebuild of 1000 Swords: Fun, easy-going RP: the 1k sword wielders' struggle set in our world. Still accepting!
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    I'll persist and finish what I've started, I'll try to give this one a hell of an ending and closure for CHA-05 as well as the Pokémen Even if there are no replies, I like this story

    Episode 27: It’s like starting all over again, but better

    The white light faded from the cave and everyone looked around to see if it had worked, recreating the first Pokémanizing accident.

    Ruben and Leaf were the first to realize what had happened.

    “Wait a minute, we’re all… starters from different regions?” Ruben said. He held up his fists as an Infernape, oddly the very starter he chose when he decided to be a trainer and go on a journey.

    “Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh,” Leaf said and looked at Ruben who had picked the starter with an advantage over his, a Turtwig. Now he was a mighty Torterra.

    “That’s one of the few records I could fully salvage from my database. After all, almost everyone uploaded them when they visited my lab,” Prof. Ball said.

    “That’s true… we all made a quite conventional start,” Fred said. He moved his orange wings up and down as he felt the raw strength of his new Charizard form. He did miss his highly unstable, but versatile Ditto form.

    “Well except me and the Balls,” Melody said as she moved around on her heavy paws as a Venusaur. At least she had a blooming flower on her back, but the form was quite different from her usual small and agile forms like Froslass and Vaporeon.

    “Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it,” Lyra said as she moved around her Sceptile form. She could get used to this.

    “Good, but for the time being, change to your Pokéman forms with the wristband,” Prof. Ball said in his Feraligatr form. “We should be as stealthy as possible.”

    A white light flashed and they all changed into their new Pokéman forms, but there wasn’t any time to admire their forms. They had to go the battlefront right now. But only one of them could fly… There wasn’t any time to lose in that case.

    “Is everything ready for phase 3?” the PUNK board member asked.

    “Certainly,” Miss Satellite said. “We’ll continue on with phase 2. We now control close to 75% of all the major settlements, including those of Pokémon. Soon the region will be ours and it will be yours to command.”

    Several members coughed one after the other.

    “It better be, we don’t have much time. This will be our last meeting, you know what you have to do,” another board member said.

    “Yes, Satellite out.”

    A Drapion Pokéman looked around the corner of the wreckage of a tank and upon seeing nothing hostile, he sprinted over to the next wreck. He had to be quick, they were already piling up all the salvageable metal to make new tanks and other assault vehicles. He was the last one left and now that he’d changed into his Pokéman form he was much more agile and most importantly, smaller so he wouldn’t be noticed right away. He’d picked up a conversation concerning where CYBER command where directing their attacks from. If only he could get there… He’d been doing this narrowly dodging of cyber eyes for hours, but he hadn’t moved as much as a mile. The whole area around Sky City was a plain, there wasn’t a single high point to climb to except in the city which had been completely taken over. Then he noticed he had a signal, he could send out a message.

    “Evelyne, if you get this…” Jamie the Drapion Pokéman said.

    Evelyne held up her wristband and listened to the message.

    “On these coordinates, hey, what are you doing aargh, no nooooooooo!” Jamie said as the connection was broken off.

    “Jamie…” Evelyne said.

    They had taken him and were going to depokémanize him, curing him in the process, but she feared CYBER had greater plans for everyone in the region, humans and Pokémon… what if they used them like the kidnappees to make cyber Pokémen? All she could do now is stop CYBER as quickly as she knew how to. And to do that, they had to take down PUNK. She told her father about Jamies message and that he managed to give her exact coordinates.

    “Good. That’s where we’ll meet up,” Prof. Ball said.

    Ben was informed as well and he said:

    “We’ll save him, I promise. We’ll be there soon.”

    “So we have a well-defined location now, but how are we getting in?” Evelyne asked.

    “You’ll see,” Ben said.

    The sun was almost going down when they arrived at the plain quite a few miles from Sky City. As it was a plain, it was entirely flat and there was little to see. Not a rock, not a tree and most importantly not a single Pokémon to be heard. That seemed quite suspicious, but not enough to ensure a closer look if they didn’t have the exact coordinates pointing them to a square area on the plain that didn’t seem that different from any other area covered in plainly boring grass. Ben however turned a button on his wristband and in a matter of seconds two giant doors opened up in the ground and the others went to look.

    “You’re late,” Nicolas said.

    He and Minami were standing in the gap as a Giratina Pokéman and a Darkrai Pokéwoman respectively. They quickly jumped aside as Ruben, Leaf and Benny dove in to punch them into next Thursday. As they struggled to get up, they yelled to Ben:

    “What the heck is this?”

    Ruben and Leaf were used to chorusing with each other, but Benny looked at them as he’d done the same and he thought it was mighty creepy.

    “They’ll pay for what they’ve done, as will Kai, as will I, but like Kai and me, you all decided the most important thing was stopping PUNK. They don’t want this organization to take over the entire world or to turn everyone into cyber Pokémen. But they’re a little bit power-hungry, so we’ll lock them up after this is all done,” Ben said.

    Nicolas just muttered as Ben explained, but then responded with:

    “Shall we continue?”

    “I’m keeping an eye on you,” Marino said in his Blastoise Pokéman form as he walked by.

    “Commencing phase 3,” one of the board members said before he gave a virtual command.

    A huge tremor shook the Pokémen and toppled them. As they got back on their feet, Ben yelled:

    “We have to hurry, they’re up to something.”

    “Okay, we’re splitting up,” Fred said. “Groups of three. I suggest we have one water, one fire and one grass per team. First team with me, Marino, Melody. Second, the Balls. Third, Ben, Lyra and Wally. Fourth, Ruben, Leaf and Benny. Have each other’s back people, this is it.”

    “What about us?” Minami asked.

    “Oh, right… Nicolas, you come with me, Minami, you go with the Balls. Keep a close eye on both of them,” Fred said.

    They bolted off, each group in another direction. The alarms sounded, the people behind CYBER, BIO, DIESEL and PUNK knew they were here. Turrets appeared from the walls, the ceiling and the floor and started firing. Everyone changed into their Pokémon forms and unleashed the powerful attacks they knew their starters had and so had little trouble unleashing them upon the turrets. That was the first hallway.

    To be continued…

    CHA-05: Teenage robot with organic skin starting war of sabotage and love.

    Pokémen: Trainers changed. Pokémon, then 'Pokémen'. Cure lies with villain?

    Rapture: House of Broken Mirrors: group of adolescents surviving, transforming...

    The Pokémen regain their honour in Season 2.

    Rebuild of 1000 Swords: Fun, easy-going RP: the 1k sword wielders' struggle set in our world. Still accepting!
    Code Lyoko RP (SU); still accepting! Looking for members

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    Episode 28: Stooping down to their level

    Level -5, level -6, level -7… At an alarming rate, the Pokémen chewed through the defenses of the PUNK HQ.

    Every trio combined their flamethrower, solar beam and surf into a devastating mix that ate through the walls and allowed them to circumvent all the security protocols for non-superpowered vengeful teenagers. The tremors they’d felt before increased in their frequency and severity and made several walls collapse before the Pokémen even got to work on them. It was as if they weren’t even trying to stop them, not really. Just either kill them or slow them down for something inevitable, something they couldn’t possibly stop.

    What were they hiding down that was far more than a last resort or cheap trick? Why had they been sponsoring so many complicated technologies if just funding a private army could have handed them the region? Whatever it was, the Pokémen would make them shut this whole thing down or else the Pokémen would.

    They were almost there, just a few more levels, just a bit more grinding. Then Fred’s trio, him along with Melody, Nicolas and Marino got pushed back by a forcefield and they shook their heads as a powerful psychic power tried to melt their brains to mush while they were distracted. Ben’s trio joined them a few seconds later and Ben and Lyra looked up as they saw who was at the head of an entire squad of psychic cyber Pokémen, that included several kidnappees that had an affinity for psychic abilities.

    “Well hello there Ben, glad you could make it,” A.A. said.

    Meanwhile Benny, Ruben and Leaf were following a different path, but they had a lot more resistance. They encountered several prototype mechas that completely blocked off the path to the lower levels and the trio was already exhausted from all the extra security they had to fight through to get this far.

    Another tremor threw the three off their feet and covered the area in dust. As it cleared up, they saw the remains of the mechas lying at the feet of someone familiar. Mika, who was accompanied by other cyber Pokémen along with the Charlie/Chase guy she seemed to love.

    “Mika? Err… Are they, you, friendly?” Ruben asked.

    Mika turned to face Ruben with the gatling gun she’d nicked from somewhere, pointed it at him briefly and said:

    “The name’s Elizabeth, these are the CHA’s, now let’s go.”

    There were infinite questions Ruben and Leaf wanted to ask her about her and her shocking entrance, but they had a biohorror to stop. They nodded and Benny looked at his wristband before leading the way.

    The Balls, Crystal, Evelyne and Prof. Ball weren’t that experienced as fighters, but they picked up a lot after the first few levels. They would go through them a lot faster if Prof. Ball didn’t check something at every terminal they passed.

    “Seriously Dad, what’re you doing, we have to hurry, there’s no time for sightseeing,” Crystal said, contrasting with the flower petals around her neck.

    “I’m trying to find what they were doing all this for, the CHA’s, the Pokémanizing, absorbing Cleft’s empire. They weren’t just trying to conquer the region, they were looking for something,” Prof. Ball said.

    Minami just looked around, unsure what to do. She’d lost all purpose now Nicolas had been brought down to size. She’d just follow this strange family and follow this thing through to the end.

    “Fine, but hurry up,” Crystal said.

    The Milotic Pokéwomen led by Milonika were gathering above the HQ and quickly proceeded to ward off all incoming forces that tried to reinforce the HQ’s defenses. Good luck, human named Fred, Milonika thought. The Meowth pack under the direction of Mauser assisted the Milotic as lookouts as large flying ships were approaching. They tried to shoot some down before they came in bombing range, as the HQ itself wouldn’t be harmed much. Or at least its cowardly leaders on the bottom level wouldn’t.

    “What do you want A.A.,” Ben said as he held up his fire-lit Blaziken fist, ready to punch a hole into the hybrid that had gone mad with its power.

    Once it had been a simple Xatu, but something changed when it became a Retroment and got the modifications Kai developed. Kai had followed after the others after he’d used his Raichu form to first fry the systems of the first few levels. Now he roared as did Marino, when A.A. revealed what she wanted.

    “Turn back now or your beloved two legendary Pokéwomen will destroy you and themselves along with the… explosion,” A.A. said. “Oh and don’t forget our combined psychic abilities controlling them and keeping you from trying anything.”

    “You were always the devious planner weren’t you,” Nicolas said. “But you won’t stop us.”

    “Why is that?” A.A. said.

    “Because you weren’t planning on me being heroic,” Nicolas said.

    Even one ghost type legendary like his Giratina form wasn’t enough to counteract an entire psychic squad and two legendaries one of which was a Kyogre that wasn’t so troubled by his type as the Lugia Pokéwoman was. It was practically suicide to ram yourself into all that power combined in one force. But that’s exactly what he did as he enveloped himself with ghostly energy and blasted away.

    “What-what, we have to help him!” Melody said.

    “There’s no time, he knew that… A.A. will be after us soon enough if he survives,” Fred said and burned away the last debris blocking the way with his flamethrower and flew ahead, with Marino as a Blastoise and Melody as a Venusaur following after.

    “This can’t be right,” Prof. Ball said as he checked the data.

    They’d found an elevator with his information and after hacking it they went down fast to the lowest level.

    “What is it?” Evelyne asked.

    “According to this, the board members have died years ago,” Prof. Ball said.

    “Wait, what?” Minami said, speaking up for the first time.

    Prof. Ball turned to look at her for a moment, then said:

    “There weren’t any replacements, yet the PUNK organization kept funding other projects. One of the first ones they invested in… was the Pokéball technology.”

    They arrived at the lowest level, as had the others who were standing in terrified awe of the giant metal structure that stood in the middle of the room. It was without a doubt not meant to remain stationary and gears had already started grinding to lift it up from its resting place where it had remained for so long during its construction. It was the final weapon, maybe even the primary and only intended weapon. A suit of armor that contained everything the funders had invested in. They needed it, until all its technologies and thus it became something far greater. The mechanical behemoth had lit up as the large Pokéball like device that functioned as its head mounted between two huge shoulders turned and spoke up with booming speakers in a virtual sounding, unified voice.

    “Welcome Pokémen, to our final PUNK board meeting. And your death.”

    To be concluded.

    CHA-05: Teenage robot with organic skin starting war of sabotage and love.

    Pokémen: Trainers changed. Pokémon, then 'Pokémen'. Cure lies with villain?

    Rapture: House of Broken Mirrors: group of adolescents surviving, transforming...

    The Pokémen regain their honour in Season 2.

    Rebuild of 1000 Swords: Fun, easy-going RP: the 1k sword wielders' struggle set in our world. Still accepting!
    Code Lyoko RP (SU); still accepting! Looking for members

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    Episode 29: Overshooting expectations

    “What are you…” Marino said.

    Even Kai didn’t know what kind of project this was supposed to be.

    “We are the board members,” the behemoth said.

    “How can this be, they died long ago,” Crystal said.

    “Oh yes, we did die, our bodies did. But one of the first projects we invested in preserved our mind, memory and personality. The modern Pokéball project. Once it was time for us to discard our terminally ill bodies, our special and secret brand of Pokéball storaging was accustomed to capturing humans without changing their loyalty or free will. There was a catch though. We didn’t have physical bodies anymore and couldn’t do anything but give orders and distribute our virtual money. So we needed a better project to make new bodies for us, stronger ones. Hence, the PUNK organization creating BIO and CYBER. But oddly enough, the original projects grew way beyond anything we could’ve possibly planned or dreamed. Now we can’t only make superior bodies for ourselves, but also an army. Power became a goal rather than a side-effect or a method. More than that, it became everything. And now, you can’t stop us.”

    “Not if we can’t help it,” Fred said.

    The CHA’s led by Elizabeth arranged themselves into an attack pattern.

    “Fools, we ordered those tactics! And its specified weakness is… Well screw it, no defensive or evasive measures are necessary, the latter not even being possible, look at this!” the board behemoth said.

    “You will find to have clay feet, PUNK,” Fred said before roaring and spouting flames.

    “Really now? Then I guess we should take this fight to a higher level,” PUNK said.

    The lowest level shook as pillars got disconnected from the ceiling and fell down, narrowly not hitting the Pokémen as they dodged as fast as possible. An explosion above them blew away even more debris and it soon became clear why. The PUNK had blasted through the ceiling right before climbing up, moving up multiple levels in one pull of its engines. How could it do that? Unless… It wasn’t just a cybernetic vessel. They had given it the DNA of giant legendary Pokémon. The best of both sides and the worst of powers to destroy anything that stood in their way.

    “Up up, that that…” Fred muttered.

    How could they, what could they do? He was awe-stricken with the PUNK creature and at the same time, he was so horrified he couldn’t think clearly.

    “We gotta take that thing down!” Melody yelled and the others roared as well as they changed into their more agile Pokémen and Pokéwomen forms and started climbing. The CHA’s followed as well.

    “Time for a reboot,” Nicolas said as he attached his wristband to A.A., who widened her eyes as she realized what he was doing.

    “No no noooooooooo!” she yelled as the white light flashed.

    She lay motionless on the floor, cured and knocked out, a normal, insane Xatu. He caught her with a ball and then turned to the legendary Pokéwomen, the girlfriends released from A.A.’s influence.

    “Now, you’re coming with me,” Nicolas said.

    The Milotics and Meowth had felt the tremor all the way up to the surface where they were standing.

    “That can’t be good,” Milonika said as she saw the PUNK rearing its ugly head as it used its enormous round arm to pull itself up.

    “Hit that glowy head, quickly!” Mauser said to Milonika who nodded as he himself proceeded to jump on the shoulder of the abomination and started looking for wires. It was like the whole thing was grown out of organic steel, as there wasn’t a single crack or opening, just one seamless indestructible suit that started to glow hot-red.

    “Jump off, jump off!” Mauser said as Milonika saw what was happening and spit a stream of water on the shoulder which started to resemble the red spiked skin of Groudon. This thing was the darkest kind of legendary.

    Every trio proceeded to try to rip off every imaginable part of the thing’s lower torso before it stood up on the surface and would be able to retaliate hard. The CHA’s recognized the mechanical parts, they had similar ones before they had become Pokémanized and proceeded to blast tiny chunks away with their heavy caliber weapons folding from their arms. Elizabeth or Mika or CHA-05 relied on her dark draconic powers more and dug her fierce teeth in the armor, doing little damage.

    Fred, Ben, Ruben and Evelyne blasted away with their flamethrower or other hot blazing attack before the grass and water moves from the others deformed the armor, but it wouldn’t let go. It almost seemed to heal itself.

    “Don’t give up, we’re almost there,” Lyra said as she cut with her sharp leaves on her arms.

    She jumped agile as she was as the others stopped on certain levels to change into their sluggish Pokémon forms and blast away. But before they realized, PUNK had come up to the surface and stood high and mighty. Soon it would destroy everything.

    “Burn puny Pokémon,” it said.

    It opened its mechanical gloves and revealed enormous dragon claws that fired all kinds of elemental attacks. There were no tactics, no combinations that it used or that could be used against it. It would just burn the world and settle in its ashes an empire would rise. If it could destroy all that stood in its way.

    “We have a plan. Let’s do this,” Fred said as he nodded to his co-thinkers Ben, Benny and Marino.

    “All we need is a distraction,” Benny said.

    “Leave that one to us,” Leaf said.

    A solar beam blasted the PUNK’s optical sensors.

    “Hey lump of nuts, over here!” Leaf yelled as a Torterra.

    “Termination,” PUNK said as it fired just before Infernape sprinted to push Torterra out of the way. “Stand still and accept the decision of your god over your fate.”

    The others climbed the PUNK’s back and concentrated all their might on one point. It made a tiny hole through that they couldn’t possibly use to move in. A bigger blast came flying from behind them and made the hole bigger for a few moments.

    “Sorry I’m late,” Nicolas said as a Giratina, flying together with the Lugia Pokéwoman. The Kyogre Pokéwoman changed back in her womanly form and waved at her boyfriend. But that would have to come later.

    “It’s closing,” Marino said.

    “Then I go through,” Wally said as he was the smallest in Pokéman form. Before anyone could object, he jumped just before the hole closed.

    The others proceeded to fire the PUNK creature with everything they had left. The Milotic fired, the CHA’s clawed, the Meowth aided Ruben and Leaf in the distraction, the legendaries destroyed a shoulder before it reformatted itself.

    “You shall never win, win, win. Self-terminate programming, preparing to initiate Pokémanizing. What, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” PUNK roared as it collapsed on itself and all its parts came plummeting down.

    Everyone slowly got up as they checked if everyone was there.

    “Wally, where are you, Wally!” Marino said as he let go of his girlfriend to find his disciple and friend. There he found him, coughing in the dust. “This is really paining for an asthma patient.”

    Everyone gathered around as the authorities were coming out of hiding. The war was over, but there were still a lot of remnants from PUNK, including their slumbering personalities in the protective pods that ejected from the PUNK, containing the board members. Soon the cyber Pokémen would all be freed and cured and all the projects would be shut down.

    “I don’t know, I kinda like this Pokéman form, as long as it’s stable, doc?” Fred said to Prof. Ball.

    “It can be perfected, with Kai’s help. Maybe we can employ some convicts after they’ve gone through psychological screening?” Prof. Ball said looking at Nicolas and Minami, who had willfully been locked up in not so comfy looking cages.

    “Perhaps this is the beginning of a whole new community, Milonika?” Fred said.

    “Perhaps we also like this new consciousness. We can help you rebuild the old society, but also build a new one,” Milonika said.

    Ben held Lyra in her arms, Marino and Kai their girlfriends Giselle and Daisy, Elizabeth kissed her ‘Chase’, Ruben and Leaf knuckle-fisted, the Balls were happy as a family and Fred kissed Melody. Wally just stood there until everyone went to pick him up and hold him up high.

    “Our hero!” they all said.

    The end for you and me, but not for them; farewell and live a boring life that wouldn’t make a good story! Goodbye.

    That was it. Any closing comments are much appreciated before I ask to move this fic to the completed section. So any fans?

    CHA-05: Teenage robot with organic skin starting war of sabotage and love.

    Pokémen: Trainers changed. Pokémon, then 'Pokémen'. Cure lies with villain?

    Rapture: House of Broken Mirrors: group of adolescents surviving, transforming...

    The Pokémen regain their honour in Season 2.

    Rebuild of 1000 Swords: Fun, easy-going RP: the 1k sword wielders' struggle set in our world. Still accepting!
    Code Lyoko RP (SU); still accepting! Looking for members

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    So, I'll just post my closing comment to this story, which has been a challenge to complete as I was still training to be a better writer when I started it.

    I hope for those that viewed and read it, it was fun and intriguing, even if it was just to pass the time.

    I'll ask for this to be moved to the completed fanfiction subforum and thus it will be closed, as any comments wouldn't come anyway so it seems.

    I'd be lying if I said I didn't have any more ideas for fanfics or that I couldn't use the practice or advice when using my hopefully improved writing style (which is hard to impose on old chapters or stories like the Game Pack without completely redoing them),
    but perhaps I'm just stuck in the 'okay' section, not good enough to reply to and not bad enough to give pointers on and besides that, I have real life things to attend to (including irl proofreaders), so I'll stick to posting a new RP concept for now.

    And yes, this is the exact same closing comment as my other fanfic I have concluded. Doesn't make it any less sincere

    CHA-05: Teenage robot with organic skin starting war of sabotage and love.

    Pokémen: Trainers changed. Pokémon, then 'Pokémen'. Cure lies with villain?

    Rapture: House of Broken Mirrors: group of adolescents surviving, transforming...

    The Pokémen regain their honour in Season 2.

    Rebuild of 1000 Swords: Fun, easy-going RP: the 1k sword wielders' struggle set in our world. Still accepting!
    Code Lyoko RP (SU); still accepting! Looking for members

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