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Thread: Anyone know how to search for pokemon in the GTS?

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    Default Anyone know how to search for pokemon in the GTS?

    To specify my question, I wonder how I will be able to search and find the pokemon's that I haven't seen yet in my pokedex?

    Is there something I could do to get them pokemon's as seen in the pokedex?

    I don't have any friends nearby which is playing Pokemon nor I got any of the other games so I can't trade with myself. The only way I can get pokemon I want is through the GTS and I can't even search for them since I haven't seen them yet.

    Anyone can help with either how to see a pokemon to register it to the pokedex or someone who is a kind soul which could help me with friend to friend trading over the GTS?

    Thanks for any reply!

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    You can not seek a pokemon in the GTS that you have not seen yet. However, 'seeing' a pokemon is not limited to wild battles-any pokemon you have either raised personally, battles in the wild, or battled in a trainer battle, is available for you to look for. If you need to, I could help you if you are trying to evolve a pokemon through trade.

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    You can't search for something you haven't seen or owned yet. You can check on the trade forums to see if people have the Pokemon you want though.

    Also the GTS is full of hacks, so be careful when trading.
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