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Thread: Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters

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    Default Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters

    Anybody play this TCG? It's pretty much a reboot of Duel Masters.
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    To be honest I prefer Duel Masters.

    I don't like how they changed the name and race of some of the old monsters.

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    i am yet to see some kaijudo stuff at my local store, but i will consider getting some if he ever gets some in. are the rules p much the same?

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    Went to Friday Night Magic last night, and after losing in the second round I was taught how to play Kaijudo. my opponents played and the store had a million demo decks. But anyway, it plays like Magic in a way. I picked it up fast, and lost the first game (we were both using demo decks and he ad a Reg/Green Aggro type deck and I had Black/ Red slow but powerful deck. Then we switched and I wopn without losing any sheilds. I'll probably keep playing this game.

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    Kaijudo's been picking up in my area lately moreso than Cardfight!! Vanguard due to being such a dirt cheap TCG where you don't need to spend up to $200 for a competitive deck. You could max out on a specific card in your deck for $9-10 in Kaijudo compared to $40-60 in Vanguard and that's a tremendous secondary market price gap in this terrible economy IMO.

    Kaijudo's card pool is rather small compared to Vanguard's which got a head start last Spring but it's catching on pretty quick to try to appeal to Yu-Gi-Oh! players who quit or are fed up with how rich people are paying top dollar for cards that their minority has difficulty affording when they are falsely blaming Konami for it but in a sense they are to blame for some of it though.

    For some odd reason I have more fun playing Vanguard than Kaijudo but I'm willing to accept the fact that Kaijudo is the lesser of two evils between the two TCG's. What's really backing the success of Kaijudo is the nostalgia of Duel Masters not the Animated Series on The Hub and for some odd reason American TV Networks refuse to air the Vanguard Dub which would help spread the word on the franchise instead of just being secluded to the Internet.
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    Sorry to bump this thread but this is some important news, Wizards of the Coast has recently announced that Kaijudo now has Organized Play as well as Sanctioning for tournaments as well!
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