Plusle is a Pokemon that is practically used for the demonstration for double battle during the RS period. Plusle is a poor pokemom, without any good stats, except speed at base 90. It's poor in the single category, but with the arrival of 5th gen, a new gate has been opened up in the double/triple scene that poses a new threat.

I want a plushy Plusle!
- Thunderbolt/Thunder/Volt Switch/Discharge
- Grass Knot
- Thunder Wave/Toxic
- Hidden Power <Ice>
Ability: Plus
Hold Item: Focus Sash
EV: 252 sp. Atk/ 252 spd/ 4 HP
Thundebolt helps beat stuff up. Thunder can be used in rain, but Volt Switch is for scouting. Grass Knot helps you deal with the pesky ground type that come your way, while Hidden Power <Ice> beats up grass that cannot be reached by any of your other skills. Toxic helps you break down stuff you can reach, and Thunder Wave cripple enemies to support your teammate. Focus Sash ensures that you can survive two hits, seriously, it's THAT frail.

Other options:
Nasty Plot is wasted on this cheering mouse, as it doesn't have the bulk to survive a few hits. But workable with Baton Pass.
Sweet Kiss confuses, which I guess can give you a longer life?
Baton Pass is passable (lol) Wish-Passing isn't that good for Plusle,since it has low HP.
Magnet Rise is awesome, avoid earthquake for 5 turns?

Double/Triple Option
This is where Plusle shines in. Although weak to earthquake, its sp. Atk raises to a higher level when it battles alongside Minus. *Klinklang and Manetric *have Minus alongside Minun, which is actually a blessing in disguise, as Klinklang boasts both high defense and special attack. Seriously? I'd only use Minun for the novelty.

ME + YOU <3
- Helping Hand
- Discharge/Thunderbolt
- Magnet Rise
- Round/Swift
Magnet Rise will save you from earthquake and other ground type horrors. Discharge has a 30% chance of paralysis, but hits your ally as well. Thunderboltcan be used as an alternative. Round can become stupidly powerful, 120 for double and 180 for triple. Swiftdoes Nuetral to the other side.