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Thread: Persona: Fallen Paradise

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    Reservation Accepted. IT expires on the 7th of September.

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    Here's my signup! I'm trying out a sort of character that's almost nothing like the characters I usually play, for a bit of a challenge. Somebody who will probably have serious problems awakening his Persona and getting used to Shadows and such. Kind of different from the other characters so far, but if he won't fit the RPG, just let me know and I can think of something else.


    Name: Shin Megami Tensei
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Arcana: Emperor

    Appearance: Due in part to his Japanese ethnicity, Shin falls a bit short of average height, standing at about 5'7". But to make up for it, he keeps a well-maintained appearance. There are very few blemishes, scars, or other abnormalities on his light tan complexion. If there are any, he meticulously hides them with cover makeup. It truly seems to be his goal to stand apart from his classmates; he sees this as one of his ways of exerting superiority to them. It is partially for this reason why he added a few bright red streaks to his otherwise-uninteresting black hair. His hair is as straight as it can be, and is just barely long enough to cover his ears and the back of his neck. And to add flair to his uninteresting brown eyes, he likes to don a pair of sunglasses with tiny, round, red-tinted frames. And with the help of the clothes he prefers to wear, he gives his otherwise very average build a slender-ish look. To the point where people pay much more attention to his outfit and his facial expressions (especially the latter) when they see him.

    Indeed, his face often tells everything. Behind those little bitty sunglasses, his eyes are narrow and apathetic-looking. He never needs to tilt his head upward to create a feel of arrogance; his little nose is already turned slightly upward. His face in general is quite narrow and pentagonal, or perhaps more hexagonal due to the way his hair parts over the middle of his forehead.

    The most characteristic article of clothing Shin wears is a classy cobalt-blue coat, long enough to neatly frame his knees. He considers it classier to leave this coat closed rather than open, each and every one of the golden spikes for buttons fastened through a thin golden loop, making a row of golden lines down the front of his torso. He never takes this coat off, even when it's hot outside; in hot weather he will stick to shady areas and complain a lot about the heat. More golden spike-buttons adorn the ends of his sleeves, being the cause of occasional accidents where they get caught on something. For bottomwear, Shin considers jeans far too low-class for his taste, instead donning a pair of simple black trousers that are always kept clean and well-mended. Well-polished black dress shoes cover his feet.

    Shin views backpacks similarly to jeans: he's simply too good for them. Instead he keeps his belongings in his pockets, though sometimes he slings a blue and grey laptop bag across his chest. And finally, there's almost always a pen sticking out of the chest pocket on his coat. Not one of those cheap plastic ones; usually one of those dainty compact ones.

    Personality: Though his appearance alone suggests Shin as an egotistical rich kid, he isn't outwardly snooty. He's much more jaded in his demeanour, being overall calm in his interactions with people. As is stereotypical of young men like him, he typically shows very little emotion in his speech, aside from mild tones of interest when asking questions. He's also very unlikely to be loud, unless he's angry with someone.

    Okay, so Shin doesn't really brag about being so upper-class. He certainly does think it though. Most people think of him as being cynical and condescending, especially in the way he looks at people. And this is true, especially around his classmates. Though he doesn't directly show it, he considers himself much more important than his peers. He sees a two-tiered hierarchy among them, with only him being on the upper tier. For this reason, Shin does not like to associate with silly or petty things high-schoolers typically do, such as gossip and school assemblies and sports and games of hackey-sack. He has his own "more important" things to attend to, such as homework and secret stuff on his laptop. Even during a crisis, he'll just sit back and watch it if it doesn't directly threaten him.

    Shin can also be quite manipulative. He vastly prefers being a leader over being a follower among his peers, to the point where he'll rarely listen to other group members' ideas. Once he comes up with a set agenda to follow with a project, he'll stick with it, only changing plans due to his own decisions. Indeed, he lives his own life, not someone else's. He can be very persuasive, aiming to bend his "minions" to his will through fear and/or delusion. Sometimes in a conversation he'll ask quite a few questions about the other person, giving someone the idea that he's interested in them, but in reality he's gathering information that he could potentially use against them later on, or use to get something he wants.

    And once Shin wants something, he will relentlessly pursue it, through any means possible. He has no qualms about stepping on people's toes in order to do so, or employing illegal methods. Pursuing vengeance is no exception to this. If someone does something bad to him, he develops an intense desire to do something even worse to them. In other words, he wants to make it perfectly clear to everyone that he will not let anyone walk all over him.

    This ties in to a major weakness of Shin's: because of his tendency to mentally distance himself from those he finds inferior, he overlooks many hidden details that could lead to his demise. In his mind he expects to be respected, and thus often fails to recognise any enemies that don't blatantly reveal themselves as such. Add this to his overall realistic outlook on things, and you get someone who's largely vulnerable to hidden supernatural forces. And on a somewhat lesser note, he silently adopts a belief that women are inferior to men, thus avoiding them even more, and becoming more vulnerable when one wants to turn against him. And when he finally does become devastated, he cracks, being almost as hard to put together again as Humpty Dumpty afterward. All the stress he withholds from denying himself access to recreational stuff and most friendhips has to leak out at some point...

    Shin isn't all bad though, farfetched though that idea may be. There is one group of people who he has the utmost respect for: his elders. He is a diligent student who respects his teachers' and parents' authority, yet holds his own confidence as well. Being the son of a businessman, he is used to taking a realistic approach to life, and is quite knowledgeable in money matters. He is not easily scared or discouraged, and will try his utmost best to ensure he is in control of the situation. Now if only he could just be nicer to people...

    History: The Tensei family is broken up into two narrow lines, one which still lives in Japan, another which immigrated to the US some hundred years ago. The American side consists of higher-and-higher-ranking businessmen from late to recent. Shin's father, for example, was senior vice president of a moderately-known auditing firm, based in a city on the other side of the mountains from where Misty Springs is. The Japanese branch of the family, on the other hand, had ties to organized crime. Shin takes pride in this side of his family, even though he's technically not a direct descendant of it.

    As such, Shin's life was pretty much set from the very beginning. When he grew up, as his father kept reminding him, he would follow in his father's footsteps and rise up in that same company, eventually being first in line to replace the aging CEO. And Shin liked this plan. He used to have many fantasies about just how he would run the company, and maybe even use the other branch of the Tensei family's criminal connections to underhandedly rule the world. Indirectly of course. Though his father pointed out the impracticality of being the absolute leader of the world, he did often mention how a powerful-enough businessman could have influences on the world in such a way that it was much like "ruling" it.

    There was never really a place for women in Shin's life. He spent so much time focused on his studies that he never really had time to pursue acts of pleasure and recreation. As far as he knew, he couldn't, in order to achieve his goals. Nor was his own mother that much an influence on him. She was a very passive sort of mother, much younger than his father, not having a job besides being a housewife, and never really standing up to Dad if he punished her for not doing a chore. She was kind to Shin, but probably only for the prospect of him making lots of money for her and the family in the future.

    In the early parts of his life, Shin attended private schools that were expensive to attend, mainly because his father didn't want him to be dealing with "commonfolk". In these schools, Shin was in fact a little more respectful toward his classmates than he is nowadays--though we'll get to that later. However, he didn't make very many friends, as he would simply refuse many of them for fear they would interfere with his studies. He even once blamed his getting a B on a test on the only birthday party he was ever invited to. Most of his "friends" back then were adults, business partners that his dad invited over for meetings on occasion. He figured that by interacting with them early, he would plant the seed for a positive relationship with the company later on. All part of his lifelong plan.

    Then, in the summer just before his senior year of high school, something unexpected happened: his father decided to retire, his reason being that he could collect a lot more money from the various investments he made if he retired now rather than later. And he was getting pretty old anyway. When he retired, he wanted to move to a quiet and peaceful place so that he could be free from the hectic confines of the city and his job. So the family moved to the place where Shin's grandfather lived before he died: a faraway town in the mountains known as Misty Springs. Although Shin was initially frustrated about having to move, his father kept telling him that in his case the move was only temporary, that he could be attending a university back in the city right after graduating from high school. Eventually Shin had to agree. It was only for one year anyway.

    One year that was tougher than Shin expected. Because Misty Springs was a small town, it only had one high school, and it was of course a public one. To Shin, that meant having to deal with lots of students who didn't want to be there, being bothered by poorer people who wanted to mooch off of him, being stuck in a facility that relied on state funding and thus was of lower quality than a private school, and a bunch of other stereotypes. Although the school itself was not that bad, Shin still behaved warily among the other students, definitely feeling like the outsider he was. But he would not let himself be the underdog of the school. Inevitably, there was the occasional bully who taunted him, saying he should "go back home where he belongs". Other kids tried to steal his stuff, pester him into hooking up with a girl, etc. Many did nothing to him at all--but Shin still looked down upon them, determined to just lay low and focus on his studies. To the people who did do bad things to him, he had a habit of stalking them, giving them a cold glare, or even stealing things from them if the opportunity arose. These things occasionally got him into trouble with the school authorities.

    Shin blames his few suspensions from the school for the two B's and a C he received on his final report card, but still hopes that he'll be accepted into the university he is to attend after graduation. Currently he plans to pursue a business degree, because that's what's needed to go after that high-ranking spot in his father's company. That was still on, right...? Right? Nowadays his father seemed less and less certain about it when he mentioned it...

    Weapon: Shin's signature weapon is the crossbow. He wields a small one, just slightly shorter than his forearm, painted black all over. It has a handle on the underside, making it easy for Shin to grasp it and have the rest of the bow rest atop his forearm. In the front is a ring just wide enough for an arrow to go through; Shin uses this to better aim at a target. Usually the quiver of arrows he keeps with it is held close to the bow itself, usually slung over his elbow, for easy access.

    --Shin's Persona--

    Rokuten Maoh (also called Tenmaou for short, or Demon King)

    Origin: Hailing from Japanese Buddhist mythology, Rokuten Maoh's name means "Demon King of the Sixth Heaven". He is associated with a lust for power and a desire for world domination, as well as the turning away from religion and heading toward more business-related endeavours. He commands a great legion of lesser demons, sort of acting as a lord of the underworld.

    Appearance: This incarnation of the Demon King looks slightly different from his mythological depictions. He still looks like a rather large humanoid though, towering over Shin at a height of about seven feet. His hair is black like Shin's and even straighter, except rather than just fall down, it poofs out in places, especially on the top, giving it an almost spiky feel. Over his nearly-white face he wears a crimson mask with some unknown symbols carved into the edges. The mask only covers his eyes and top of his nose; underneath one can see the wide, merciless smile almost constantly on his face, and the long vertical scar on his right cheek.

    His body is decorated with black metal armour with crimson trim, with some nondescript black cloth covering the rest of his body underneath. A bright red symbol in the shape of a dragon's head can be seen emblazoned on his chest plate. Cone-shaped gauntlets cover his forearms, ending in his small-looking yet strong hands. On the bottom, a metal groin plate of the usual colours sits atop a skirt-like garment made of a tattered black cloth. And his metallic boots of the same colours as his armour make clunking sounds as he runs across the battlefield.

    That is, if he runs. A tattered black cape hangs from the long spiky pauldrons atop his shoulders, one which temporarily levitates him as he leaps into the air, a motion that lets him sneak up on tall foes from behind provided his armour doesn't move around and clink against itself.

    Attached to a heavily chained belt surrounding his hips is a sharp triangular sheath that looks like it'd comfortably fit a dagger. But when the Demon King withdraws the hilt from the sheath, a blade much longer than the sheath materialises from a few crimson sparks that shoot out from it. Given the colour and shine of the blade, one would swear it's constantly drenched in blood. And the blade is not straight; instead it takes on a zigzagged shape, making it resemble a lightning bolt.

    Powers: Rokuten Maoh can use a few melee attacks with his sword, but the majority of his techniques are elemental, especially Electric-element attacks. His most common attack involves him generating electric current in his sword, making the blade glow and electrocuting anything it strikes. If he builds up electricity in the blade over a period of time, he can fire thunderbolts out of it as well. The thunderbolts can be their usual crimson colour, which do regular electric damage, or they can be black (requires a little more effort), doing Darkness damage. If he is ever disarmed, provided the sword is in one piece, he can draw it back to himself by generating a magnetic current around his body. And as mentioned before, he can fly for brief periods of time for the purposes of hitting foes in the air. He can't hover still in the air though, nor can he turn very sharply once in the air, hindering his ability to dodge aerial attacks. He also can't charge his sword while in the air--any charging must be done on the ground.

    Though Rokuten Maoh is an Electric elemental, he is actually slightly weak to other Electric attacks, as well as fire--probably due to the amount of metal armour on him. He is resistant to Darkness and Ice attacks though.
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    Shin is Accepted. Sorry about the wait, haven't really been looking at this thread lately.

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