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    "Two heroes! Two fateful encounters! A shadow veil enveloping the region of Orre! Are you ready to save the world for the umpteenth time?"

    Hello guys, thanks for coming! Initial warning: English isn't my mother tongue, but I tend to read my stories various times before posting. However, some errors might slip through, so if you spot any mistake warn me ASAP and I'll fix the errors.

    This fanfic is going to be a sort of sequel of a pair of games that I really enjoy: Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD. I’m still waiting for an eventual third chapter, but since nothing is coming (yet) I decided to create my own story.
    Hope you’ll like it! Enjoy!


    Prologue: "Shadows arise"

    Spring. Majestic Bay, Orre region.

    Dozens and dozens of men transported piles of stuff into a great structure, cloaked by the night’s darkness and assisted by their Pokémon. They all had similar clothes, probably members of an organization, and by the cautious looks they were giving around one could guess that what they were doing wasn’t completely legal. In fact, some members kept lookout, while several Swoobat and Golbat were flying around the area, scanning it for some eventual witnesses and to warn their keepers in case some security force came near to them.

    Four figures were watching the continuous movement of the workers, scrutinizing the situation and analyzing the humans’ behaviors. Several Pokémon cries could be heard, pleading for help and desperately trying to break free from some cages, but the guardians and their Pokémon simply snarled and punched and hit the cages a couple of times, hushing the prisoners.
    A growl escaped from the tallest figure, its eyes full of fury and its body emanating a strange blue glow. The other figures’ bodies followed suit and everyone tensed itself, ready to spring in action at the most appropriate moment.

    “All the Pokémon and merchandise are stored in the deposit, sir.”

    “Very well. Start the engines. We’re departing immediately.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    All the grunts entered in the big structure, marching in a straight line with their Pokémon moving beside them.

    The foursome ran toward the construction at high speed and jumped on the top of it, their bodies resonating loudly when they hit the floor, and gasps and roars resonating in the area. Some Houndoom and Mightyena ran toward the group and tried to scare the invaders with almighty howls, but a quick glare from the tallest figure made them stop and whimper. Four shining blades appeared on each front and all four slashed the dark canines, who yelped in pain before losing consciousness.

    Various men panicked and sent out all what the Pokémon they had in hand, from Golbat to Crawdaunt to Darmanitan to more Mightyena. The group was unfazed by that and rapidly reacted to the menaces: sharp rocks knocked out the flying bats, bright leaves pierced through the crabs’ armors, water jets splashed all over the fire creatures and light silver bombs damaged the hyenas.

    Screams of scared humans echoed in the roof, recruits running away and dust lifting up and clouding the scene, but one single figure wasn’t scared by what was happening. On the contrary, it was rather pleased to see the quartet. It exited from the cabin from which it was seeing the event, before pressing a button. A loud siren boomed, startling temporarily every human and Pokémon present, and everybody looked at the person who interrupted the fight.

    An unidentified human stood on the platform, its features and gender blurred by the darkness, but its white smirk stood out in contrast to the shadows.

    “Well, well, well… what have we here? The famous quartet of Legendary Musketeers: Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo. This is truly an honor!”

    The leader of the group looked at the person with narrowed angry eyes and pointed his long blade toward it.

    “Spare your words, foolish human! What do you think you’re doing to my friends?” shouted telepathically the blue Pokémon, an aura of his same color surrounding his whole body.

    “Your friends? Oh, we’re only going to improve their lackluster fighting capacity to a more competitive level.”

    Cobalion raised an eyebrow. “And with that you mean…”

    “Seal their hearts forever and turn them into perfect combative machines.”

    The Legendary Pokémon gasped at this revelation and their swords shined even more brightly. “We won’t let you do that! We’ll stop you!”

    A chuckle rose from the human, before turning into a loud laughter. “Ah, I don’t think so! Did you really think that I was so naďve to let you invade my aircraft so easily? No. That was exactly what I wanted.”

    “You wanted… us?” asked Virizion, realizing that they were floating over an unknown sea.

    “Yes. I want… the power of your hearts.”

    “Ah, don’t make me laugh, human! What kind of Pokémon do you want to force to oppose us?” replied Terrakion, looking at the person with a challenging gaze.

    The human raised its hand high and the group followed every single movement. “This.”, and it snapped its fingers.

    A deafening roar resonated in the air and a huge creature came from behind the air vehicle. A scary purple and black aura appeared for a brief moment around it, before vanishing. The eyes of the quartet widened at the sight.

    “What… what was that, my mentors?” asked Keldeo, frozen in place after seeing the dark aura.

    “A shadow aura…” responded Cobalion, looking at the creature with horrified eyes. “How dare you doing that, human! Such an horrible act to a noble and innocent Pokémon! You’re going to pay for what you did!” shouted the blue musketeer, angrier than before.

    “Sorry, my legends, but… this is business! That’s how things work!” said the human. It then pointed its fingers toward the group “Go, EX02! Get those four ingenuous!”

    The monster released another roar and its body began shining with an ominous purple aura. It then shot a black sphere toward the sky and crackling dark purple clouds and mist gathered around the vehicle, thunderbolts flashing several times and strange purple particles falling on the battlefield. The quarter flinched when the little grains touched their skins, slight jolts of pain coursing through their bodies. They then faced the large opponent, ready to fight.

    Terrakion generated various rocks around itself and fired them toward the huge opponent. The dark Pokémon simply twisted its body and twirled in the air, avoiding all the rocks with little effort. Both Cobalion and Keldeo threw their attacks, a beam of silver light the first and a cold wind the other. The monster avoided the first attack, but the second connected, temporarily stunning it. Virizion took this chance to run toward the creature and throw several stomps, slashes and kicks at it, weakening it with every hit, before jumping away and reuniting with the others.

    The dark monster started twisting its body and moving it in a circle at an impressive speed, and a purple tornado appeared in the center and moved forward at high speed. The hooved Pokémon enveloped themselves in thick shields, blocking the attack. They couldn’t block the strange particles, however, and received damage from them. The quartet managed to resist the powerful twister, but after a while Keldeo’s barrier started to crack in some places and the water pony winced and gritted his teeth, fighting to keep his barrier active. The other three looked worriedly at the young apprentice and went nearer to him, protecting him from further damage. The tornado vanished after a while and the group dispelled their shields, panting hard for the effort.

    “Admit it, Legendary Musketeers! You have no chance against EX02!”

    “Never! You won’t win!” retorted Keldeo, although his voice seemed to say the opposite. The others said nothing. They merely stared cautiously at the enormous dark creature.

    “If you really want to keep going…”

    The monster stared blankly at the group, its eyes void of any emotion and sympathy, before reaching the floor and slamming its long tail hard. Various purple columns emerged from the floor, stabbing with violence the Musketeers several times. They all cried in pain, feeling the dark aura burning their skins, but managed to stay conscious, despite the heavy damage and the persistent purplish rain.

    Seeing that the foursome was still standing, the monster covered itself in a bright purple aura and flew very high, reaching the dark clouds. It then charged the legendries at high speed, the aura resembling a huge fire, which made the creature seem like a giant black and purple comet. The group extracted their Sacred Swords and, despite the tiredness and the pain, charged the monster as fast as they could. The attacks crashed, generating a huge explosion of light and darkness. The dark creature was thrown back by the force of the blast, but recovered rather quickly, its skin just scratched, and narrowed its eyes, trying to spot the heroes.

    The equine Pokémon weren’t as lucky. Due to their injuries, they couldn’t block the attack and, despite their signature move absorbing part or the energy released by the collision, they received a load of damage, increased by the dark energy of the strange rain. However, they still managed to stand up, although they were shaking for the fatigue.

    “Your resilience is really impressive, but is all useless. EX02, show your true strength! Final blow!”

    EX02 opened its huge mouth and a bright purple ball appeared in front of it. It grew steadily in size, until it was as big as its head.


    The monster released the energy gathered in the form of a huge beam, directed toward the quartet at a scary speed. The group defended themselves with their strongest attacks: Terrakion launched several big boulders, Virizion released a bright green beam, Cobalion threw an aura packed ball and Keldeo shot two powerful water streams from his rear hooves. The attacks collided and stood still for a while, before the dark beam ripped them apart.

    “Oh, no!” exclaimed Cobalion, slightly scared by that. They were just too weak to repel the attack, even with their strongest moves.

    The attack was about to hit them and Keldeo cried in fear, but still managed to regain control and make his sword shine like his companions’, readying himself for the impact. Cobalion glanced back and forth, moving repeatedly his gaze from the beam to Keldeo, before rapidly turning to the younger member.

    “Cobalion? What are you…”

    “Forgive me, Keldeo.”, said the blue equine, before slashing the apprentice with his blade, shoving him out of the way and beyond the border of the aircraft. Keldeo screamed, falling rapidly and flailing his arms wildly, directed toward the beneath sea. The pony activated his water-gliding ability, shooting water from the hooves to maintain himself over the water and looked up. He heard shrieks of pain coming from the plane and tried desperately to follow it. However, due to the shadow storm, the sea was quite rough and a huge tidal wave was about to assault the Pokémon. Keldeo accelerated, trying to avoid the tide while following the flying vehicle, but the water was faster than him and submerged the young Legendary. Keldeo was hit pretty badly by the wave and spun on himself a couple of times, tossed in all directions by the sheer power of the liquid. The pony activated again his hooves to emerge, but when his head exited from the water another wave hit him, tossing again the poor Musketeer. He tried again, and again a wave sent him underwater, this time making him crash violently with a big rock, head first.

    “Shadow… EX02…” muttered the equine, before losing consciousness and letting the current carry him, away from his mentors, into the darkness of the sea bed.

    A/N (Author Notes): Yeah, that was kinda short! But hey, this is a prologue! It’s meant to introduce a story! Also, I gave genders to the characters, bar the evil human and EX02 (those two are secret at the moment).

    Cobalion: male

    Terrakion: male

    Virizion: female

    Keldeo: male

    So… what happened to the Musketeer Trio? What will happen to Keldeo? Who is the mastermind behind EX02? And who or what is EX02?

    Your answers will be answered in the next chapters. See you next time!

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