This thread is for ships in the various animated series, current and past, based on DC or Marvel characters. I'll start by listing a few that I'm a fan of. The first two ship names are already commonly used, the third doesn't have a name so I gave it one.

Young Justice
SpitfireShipping - Wally/Kid Flash & Artemis
Just a fantastic pairing. It's that old typical story about kids teasing each other because they really like each other but have trouble showing it for whatever reason, and it's terrifically done in this series. The name comes from advice from an elderly man who had spoken fondly of his "spitfire", his late wife. He told Wally, "Find your own little spitfire. One who won't let you get away with nothin'."

ChalantShipping - Dick/Robin/Nightwing & Zatanna
This one is just plain cute. Robin was practically drooling over Zatanna when he first met her, and she clearly didn't mind. In this series, Robin has a tendency to play with words, and when he nervously told Zatanna, "I'm trying to be all nonchalant here," she smiled and responded, "Why? Be as chalant as you like." Hence the ship name.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series
AIShipping - Razer & Aya
If you've seen this series, even if you aren't a shipper, I'm sure you'll agree that their interactions are fascinating. Here's a guy who's a former villain and now trying to do good, and a girl who technically isn't even a girl, but an AI who is learning about things like emotions, values, and heroism. She's proven to be human--er,, you know what I mean--in every way that matters. Seeing a character that's supposed to be a soulless machine have as profound an effect on a literally rage-powered former villain as Aya has is intriguing.

Anyone else here support these or other ships from DC/Marvel shows? Discuss!