Chapter 5 [Arrival in Pallet Town!]

After the SS Kanto Trips arrived in Pallet Town, Ash and Tyson left the boat. They went to Ash’s house and slept there since it was late. They woke up at 11.

“Hey Tyson do you want to come with me to Prof Oak’s lab? I wanna see him and my old friends too!” asked Ash to Tyson

“Sure let’s go! Can’t wait to meet Prof. Oak!” said Tyson happily

Ash and Tyson started walking to the lab and saw a billboard. It said “P1 Tournament! Go to Route 1 to test your fighting skills!” and it had a picture of an old face and a Primeape.

“Woah! That’s Anthony and my old Primeape!”

“So you had a Primeape?! That’s cool! Surprising I never saw you use it in the league!” said Tyson

“Yeah I didn’t spend a lot of time with it, since some days after I caught him I left him with Anthony to train… When is the P1 Tournament?”

“It says it’s… in three days! I wish I had a fighting type so I could participate in it!” said Tyson

“I think I may end up using my Scraggy…” said Ash

“Ok, let’s go to the lab then”

They then continued walking to the lab. In the way, Tyson noticed how pure the air of Pallet was. All the trees, the plants, the Nature. They saw many Pokemon living in the trees, such as Pidgey’s, Hoothoot’s and Sentret’s. How clean Pallet Town was.

“Man this looks like a great place to live! So many places to play and rest!” said Tyson

“Yeah I was pretty lucky to grow up here. Living next to the professor and all those Pokemon. I was pretty lucky…” replied Ash

“I wish I could have played with all those wild Pokemon when I was younger” said Tyson smiling

“Oh well let’s keep going”

They kept walking to the lab until they finally arrived there. Ash rang the bell and Tracey opened the door.

“Ash! How are you?! What are you doing here?” asked Tracey

“Hey Tracey! I am pretty good, and this is Tyson my new friend! He’s a new trainer. I am heading to Viridian Forest but decided to say hi!” replied Ash

“Hey I’m Tyson!” as he said this he called on Snorunt “And this is my friend, Snorunt!”

Then Prof Oak appeared and introduced himself to Tyson.

“Hi Professor! My name is Tyson and this is my Pokemon, a Snorunt!” said Tyson

“Glad to meet you Tyson! Come in guys, I’ll prepare us some tea and you can tell us what your goal is Tyson.”

As they went in the lab, Tyson asked Ash if he could see his Pokemon, and Ash and Tracey took him outside, while the professor was inside preparing tea.

“Well this is where all the Pokemon live! Oh wait a bit, come out here!” said Tracey as he called on his Pokemon.

“Woah cool Pokemon Tracey!” said Tyson

There was a Scizor, a Marill, a Venomoth, a Combee and a Sawsbuck.

“Woah, Scyther and Venonat evolved, and you caught new Pokemon!” said Ash

“Yeah! I evolved Scyther when I traveled to Johto with the Professor to research about the legendary dogs. Venonat evolved when I was taking a course in Johto to see how close me and Venonat were! I caught a Combee a couple of days ago when a baby Magby Prof Oak is taking care of put a tree on fire accidentally. Deerling was caught when I traveled to Unova with the Professor. It evolved later in Unova.” Said Tracey, happy for his Pokemon

“By legendary dogs, do you mean Suicune, Raikou and Entei Tracey?” asked Tyson

“Yes. I saw Suicune but only for a couple of seconds. It was in a sacred forest. I heard Celebi live there, but I’m really not sure. The Prof was looking for Entei and I told him about Suicune, but he won’t tell me if Celebi live there or not…”

As Tracey said this, Ash smiled and thought of when he met Celebi back in Johto. After explaining to Tyson, they heard a sound. Like an earthquake sound, but worse.

“Woah, what’s this?!” asked Tyson worried

Ash and Tracey started laughing, and then a bunch of Tauros appeared.

“These are my Tauros Tyson!” said Ash

Then many other Pokemon appeared. There was Bulbasaur, Kingler, Muk, even Snorlax appeared! There was Totodile, Noctowl, Donphan, Sceptile, Torkoal, Glalie, Infernape, Staraptor, Torterra, Gible, Oshawott, Snivy, Leavanny, Unfezant, Pignite, Krookodile, Palpitoad and Scraggy. Then he called on his Pokemon, Boldore, Corphish, Buizel, Meganium and Quilava. Tyson was surprised from seeing so many Pokemon, but was very happy from seeing all of them.

“That is so cool!” said Tyson, as he called on Snorunt.

Snorunt started talking to Ash’s Pokemon, while Ash was also talking to some of his Pokemon. Tracey’s were also bonding with Ash’s Pokemon.

“Hey guys, tea is ready, let’s go inside!” said Professor Oak

They started going inside, and some Pokemon followed them. They sat down and Prof Oak started asking Tyson what he wanted to do.

“I wanna win the Pokemon league! I know it will be very tough though.” said Tyson

“Well, do you have badges yet?”

“No, I just started my journey. I’m not sure where I should go first though, still thinking of possibilities…”

“Well why don’t you go to Viridian City? I heard there is finally a new gym there, so it may be good for you! You should try it!” said Prof Oak

“Well then that’s decided, Viridian City it is! Well it’s getting late now, I should go! I’m gonna get tickets for the P1 tournament, and I want to participate… but I don’t have a fighting type…” said Tyson, laughing in a way

“Uhmm I see… Ash are you participating?” asked Prof Oak

“Yeah, probably with Scraggy!”

“Ok that’s good!”

“Well I really have to go now, good bye Prof, Tracey, Ash!”

“Wait up, I’ll go with you Tyson!” said Ash

Ash and Tyson left and continued to Viridian City.

[End of Chapter 5]